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Greatest movie ever?
In my opinion, YES!!!
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Rule 1: Cardio
Rule 2: Doubletap
Rule 3: Beware of Bathrooms
Rule 4: Seatbelts
Rule 5: No Attachments
Rule 6: Cast Iron Skillet
Rule 7: Travel Light
Rule 8: Kill with Efficiency
Rule 9: Guns are for Hunting, not Zombie Killing
Rule 10: Be Quiet
Rule 11: Travel in a Group
Rule 12: Bounty Paper Towels
Rule 13: Keep the Dumb Dumbs Close at Hand
Rule 14: Dress for the Occasion
Rule 15: Bowling Ball
Rule 16: When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out
Rule 17: Don't Be a Hero
Rule 18: Limber Up
Rule 19: Blend in
Rule 20: Find the Right Shelter
Rule 21: Zombies can't Climb
Rule 22: Be Ruthless
Rule 23: Thank God for Rednecks
Rule 24: No Drinking
Rule 25: Sunscreen
Rule 26: Sludgehammer
Rule 27: Exhale Slowly, Pull the Trigger
Rule 28: Check Every Corner
Rule 29: Buddy System
Rule 30: Nut Up or Shut Up
Rule 31: Check the Back Seat
Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things
Rule 33: Swiss Army Knife

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Zombieland was a great flick... but I just watched Shaun of the Dead again last night, and I have to say, it still rules!

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It is an awesome movie...hope to see a sequel soon! And Shaun of the Dead is still king of zombie comedies IMHO!!!!!

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Love it; I personally would have opted to go to a location that I could secure like Coronado, Ca. You clean it up, secure the bridge, and take a tanker offshore and use a speedboat to take u there if the Island gets invaded.

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I also enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, they failed to secure the pub properly, tables across windows, check pub out, secure areas that are not going to be used; like the rear hall leading to storage and back door. I would have looked for a way to the roof and used all the liquor as Molotov ****tails
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