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ZJ on to WJ BB lift

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hi guys

just bought this off ebay

after being told by the seller that it was for a 1999 WJ turns out its for a ZJ :(

does anybody know if the shocks will fit on the WJ as they look the same?

also im thinking of just getting some 3" spring's from rusty as the old stock ones have been on for 11 years so bound to have sagged will these shocks be ok with 3" springs??

thanks for any help :cheers2:
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The zj Budget boost wont work because a zj's coils are much smaller in circumference than a WJ's. Im sure if you try to sell them on here you can get your money back.

Also on your question about the shocks, from what ive always heard, beyond 2" of lift is pushing it on stock length shocks. Somebody correct me if im wrong :thumbsup:
cheers for the reply

the shocks are from rough country as part of the BB but will they fit a wj ?

i'm hoping to use the shocks and just buy new springs but need to know

1 if the springs will fit

2 if they are long enough for 3" spring's

one of my problems is that im in the uk and it's hard to get aftermarket parts for jeeps so have to get them shipped over from the USA

thanks again

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sorry the link at the top does not work

it is this kit that i got of ebay
Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Suspension Lift

but the seller said it was for a 1999 wj
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