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Every time I take mine off and put it back on, I curse the flange and it’s location. Working with just finger tips, fighting the skid plate in the way. I always think This would be a lot easier if it were just a slip joint and a band clamp. I don’t do it because of the hanger bracket.

Looking at the picture he doesn’t have that concern.
I will take a flange over a slip joint and clamp any day for disassembly and reassembly. Oh, did I mention that I live in the salt belt?

I do sometimes forget that I have an endless supply of sockets, extensions, swivels, wrenches in different lengths and offsets, etc. compared to most.

I also forget that I have a MacGyver mind when it comes to which tool to use. :ROFLMAO:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts