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YJ Auto Linkage Issue

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So here's the thing. My first problem is my jeep is an auto. Now that we have that out of the way, I have lost a bolt that goes to the linkage rod for my steering column shifter. Any idea where I can find this bolt without purchasing an entire linkage kit? Help!!


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95% of vehicles sold are automatics.
For a reason...

Manual trans problem threads WAY outnumber automatic threads.
"Heck, they even sell automatics for Harleys now." Is that some kind of Melinial Menstral Cycle,God help us.
I prefer an automatic after running heavy equipment 10 hours a day.
Wifey,she orders a standard in everything she buys.
Yep, I'm an operator too. I sometimes have to haul my own stuff.
I ain't shifting unless I'm getting paid to shift.

One by one, our (semi) tractors are being replaced with automatics.

I also LOVE the automatic in my diesel F350 too.
Hauling through mountains is a breeze, uphill and down.

Manuals are gonna be a tough sell on the used market before too long.
All 4 of our YJ's are automatic.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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