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XJ overheating at idle but everything is new?

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I know I know... There are a million "XJ overheating" threads but I'm really at a loss here even after reading every forum I could find...

I have a 1991 4.0, AX-15, XJ... I overheat while idling, but here's the catch... Everything is new on that car! Motor has 3k miles on it, entire cooling system is new, has new fan clutch out of a ZJ, runs fantastic! I burped the system several times, no bubbles... But what doesn't make sense is it doesn't overheat every time I idle, I went a week with no overheat, then today it overheated once when I got home... If I open the vents it cools down basically instantly... I was an hour in traffic is 100+ degrees with AC on last week and didn't overheat... It's totally random

Any ideas?
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What brand radiator did you put in?

Ensure thermostat and rad cap are quality brand.
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