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Would this keep you from ordering the 07?

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Should I take this deal and run with it?

Been getting ready to place my order on an 07' . Went and test drove some 06's today. They have one just like I want. Mignight blue, khaki interior, khaki top, 6 speed, upgraded sound, sirius, the works...

Told the guy I liked it and he told me he would do something for me...

MSRP = 28,975
Cost = 26,667

He will sell me the truck (with 8 miles on it) for $83.00 over Cost PLUS $750 cash back from Jeep.

Comes out to $25,998

Just called him and asked if the truck had the sirius radio installed. He told he would have it installed at no charge if I wanted it.
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Wow 5% is good. That doesn't match these printouts the dealer gave me. One is almost matching invoice on an X anniversary, and for a Rubicon it says invoice is 26731 and the EP price is 25,596. That's 4%. Hmmmm..

It doesn't seem consistent and that's why I was asking. Could these be fudged? This printout has stuff like Customer one Owner Loyalty Mailing. What the heck is that? It shows as $25 on the invoice pricing. Also Detroit Outer L25 $210 and Detroit Outstate DAA $125

Plus the Destination charge of $660. Anyone know about all these extra prices?
scottyc said:
Why would they start 4-door orders almost 8 weeks before production and 2-door orders only 1 week before production?
Because they want to start the competition with all the other
"soccer mom" SUV's as soon as possible.
With this Employee Pricing, I too am on the fence. Wait for the 07 Sahara, or jump on a heavily discounted 06 Rubicon? I really like to look of the 07, but is the quality control going to be up to speed on the early orders. I am just recovering from a recent lemonized 05 magnum, I want to make sure that I don't have to ever lemon another DC vehicle. any suggestions??
I owned an early 97 build wrangler. It was right up to snuff with my 98 and other 2000 wranglers. They did change a few minor things in 98, and I would expect they would do the same with the 07. One of the 97-98 changed was the outside defroster vents. dunno why?
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