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Had a 2 DRL bulbs fail with in a week over the summer. Replaced them right away and noticed a haze in the internal headlight housing. Didn't think much about it and a few months later the haze was terrible my pristine headlights were hazed and distorted the light bad enough it was time for action.

With the headlight housings off the jeep and on the benchtop it was time to figure out how to clean them. I saw another member who went all out with water, dawn, borax, and alcohol to remove the haze. I was not comfortable putting water in the housings since I wanted to leave my hids and ballast in place. I started with a damp towel tapped to a coat hanger or brass barrel rod to reach inside for a scrub. This method yeild poor results with half of the headlights being reachable.

Finally said screw it and pour half a bottle of isopropyl alcohol into the housings and starting swooshing it around to clean the haze off. It worked great just pouring the alcohol in. The headlights housings sat with a fan on them for a few hours to dry them out then reinstall. Pay attempt to not douces the ballasts

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