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WK fender cutting/what tire size to run

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I have a 2 inch lift on my 05 WK. I went ahead and bought 5 265/70/17 tires which are recommended by rough country for this lift. It says there is no modifications needed for these tires on a 2 inch lift.

First day out in the mountains I ran into terrible fender rubbing to the point where the small tab on the inside of the rear fender was cutting into my tire. This rubbing ended up totalling my rear drivers side tire. Thankfully I bought 5 and was able to throw the spare on and have the totaled tire completely replaced for free by Discount Tire.

I didn't want to run a different lift or different sized tires because I loved the look. I finally found a post that showed adequate mild fender cutting which took me about half a day to do follow this forum.

Here is a photo containing the link in the search bar, it wouldn't allow me to post a link in the thread (hope this saves your tires, wallet, and plenty of headache)-


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