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Welcome to the WJ of The Month Contest!

Here are the rules. If you cannot follow them exactly, you will be automatically disqualified for the month.


In an effort to minimize future headaches, only members who have at least 25 tech posts or premium members will be allowed to vote.

• Please submit high quality pictures. Your chance at winning could possibly be lessened by a poor quality picture.
• You are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 pictures for entries.
• ALL entries must be sent to the provided E-mail address.
• There are NO classes. If you did not win because you got beat out by someone on 1 tons and 42" tires, I'm sorry, but they won't be able to enter next month so try again.
• Winners cannot enter again until the following year (a full 12 months later).
• Those who did not win can resubmit as many times as they want in the following months.
• (OPTIONAL) Along with your 3 pictures you can send in a list of specifications and a story on how it came to be.
• At the end of the year, all jeeps that won the previous months will be automatically entered for WJ of The Year. (December's contest will be shortened slightly to allow WJoTY).
• Slander will not be tolerated under any condition or reason. Those caught bad mouthing others in the contest will be disqualified
• Posting additional pictures will not be tolerated. You are allotted 3 pictures for the contest - keep it that way.
• Company owned or sponsored rigs will not be allowed to submit. It is unfair to everyone else who operates on a budget.
You may not under any circumstances ask for votes AT ALL. Not on JF, not via E-mail, not on other forums, etc. Anything deemed as solicitation will result in an immediate disqualification.
• Only 10 entries will be accepted each month. If more than 10 entries are received, the first 10 will be used.
• This is not a popularity contest. This is a contest judging people's favorite WJ.
• It is your responsibility to help make the contest known (a.k.a. CRAWL it!!).

Monthly winners will win a 1 yr membership. WJ of the Year winner will receive a lifetime membership courtesy of PhilipB.

Please submit your entries in THIS FORMAT, and put your JF user name as the email subject:

Mods (optional):
Story (optional):

With that, please send all your entries to [email protected]

Please do not send your entry twice. If you are having a problem and don't know if your E-mail went through, send a message to me ( @ChrisHager ) and I will check the E-mail account to see if it was received.
The entry thread will be locked on the 18th (roughly). A new thread containing the entries will be posted to vote on the 20th (roughly). Member voting will be concluded on the 30th (roughly) and the winner of the month posted.

If you did not correctly fill out your entry or forgot to link your pictures, please resubmit your entry with the same subject line as the first E-mail you sent. This will help avoid confusion.

As we progress in these contests, these rules may be refined to better suit our needs.

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