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The following rules are for the WJ Grand Cherokee Forum. Failure to follow the rules will first result in either a public warning for everyone in a thread or a PM warning to a specific member. These warnings are NOT up for debate. If you choose to debate them anyway, either in the thread or via PM, or you choose to continue the behavior that warranted the warning, it will result in an instant 3 day vacation from the forum. If after your vacation, you choose to continue arguing or continue the behavior which warranted the short vacation, it will result in a longer ban up to and including a permanent ban from the forum. These rules will be enforced at the sole discretion of the moderators and administrators.

Since moderators and administrators cannot be on this forum 24/7, nor can we monitor every single post in every single thread, we count on you to help us by reporting any posts which violate any of the following rules. To report a post on the mobile app, long press the post or press the down arrow on the post and select "Report". To report a post from the website, click on the icon on the bottom left of every post. We greatly appreciate your help with keeping the forum clean and family friendly.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO TROLLING - The big difference between "trolling" and "flaming" is that a direct insult is not always the factor. It simply has to be a comment intended to antagonize another person. Trolling is where a member provokes another member into an argument or flame war by means of flaming the member, or making a post when the member knows full-well that it will cause an argument or flame war. A common example of "trolling" is when a member posts something that insults/provokes another member, group of members, or moderators, i.e., posting a thread/post on JF saying Hummers are better.
  • No off trail pictures - not even pictures that appear to be off-trail, or present 4-wheelers in poor light. Tread Lightly!
  • No flaming - Do not flame members. You can disagree without making personal attacks. State opinions as such and facts as such.
  • No illegal discussions - This includes removing catalytic converters, illegal or questionable wheeling, drugs, or other illegal activities. If it is at all questionable, it will be deleted.
  • No defeating the language censor - Let the forum censor do its job. It'll censor out what is inappropriate. Remember, this is a family friendly forum so aside from what is said, how it is said is also important. This means no strategic placing of special characters so it looks closer like the word you want to say. Keep it simple and just type the word you want to say, and let the automatic censor do its job.
  • No spamming - do not spam, end of story. Spamming from a new account less than 30 days old will result in an instant permanent ban. Period.
  • No off-topic posts - Do not get off topic from the original posters topic. We're here to have a good time, but not clutter the thread with useless chat. This is a technical forum. Visit the ZJ/WJ General Discussion if you want to chat ZJ/WJ related topics. Otherwise General Discussion is for you.
  • No post padding - posting responses without any meaning or thought behind them is not allowed. Elaborate if you "agree". This also includes "subscribed". If you wish to subscribe to a thread to find it easily later, or to simply get email notifications of new posts, use the "thread tools" drop down menu, or post something useful/relevant in the thread.
  • No soliciting - In recent weeks, we have seen an enormous increase in users using this forum to solicit donations for various things. Posting links to your donations website, whether in threads or in your signature, will not be tolerated. This is a forum for discussing Jeeps, not beg for money.

  • Thread names - When creating a thread name, make it a useful name such as "WJ with clicking noise while turning" instead of "noob with problem". The latter title tells us nothing of what your thread is about.
  • Search! - It has been talked about before. Most likely you can spend 5 minutes and search. You'll find an answer. Need more help? Start a new thread and explain what you know and what you aren't clear on.
  • Take comments with a grain of salt - You'll find unhelpful members and helpful members. If someone makes a comment you don't care for, shrug it off.

We're here to share a common interest in WJ Grand Cherokee's. Contribute where you can, and read everything else. And remember, this is a family friendly and environmental friendly forum. Enjoy! :cheers2:
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