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Fully rebuild and modified to fit a Jeep WJ Rear axle for 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees
Replace your Dana 35 or Dana 44A (aluminum housing) with a Wrangler JK all steel Dana 44!

-2008 JK (non rubicon) Dana 44 -$300
Specifically choose non Rubicon incase I ever needed an axle shaft (they are the same across a lot of Dana 44s, but they are not the same in Rubicon Dana 44s)
-Iron Rock Offroad WJ to JK axle swap kit -$320
(welded by a professional welder) -$200
-Yukon 4:56 gears -$250
(assembled by a Master Tech friend from Toyota) -$250
-New Mopar carrier bearings -$120
-New Mopar pinion bearing -$80
-All new Mopar seals/whatever else was needed to assemble -$100
-New brake pads -$40
-JK brake calipers -$100
-Rotors freshly cut
$1920 into this axle. I spared no expense sold the WJ

$850 obo. Throw me an offer I need the space in my garage.
I am located in Schaumburg IL

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