Model:Grand Cherokee
Mileage:235058 M
Sadly selling my WJ as I no longer have any garage or outdoor space to work on it. I bought it in April 2018 with 214,389 miles. It has always been my only vehicle, but I don't commute and walk most places I need to go, so it has primarily been a mountain/camping rig. Right now it has 235,058 miles. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere in the country right now. But it does have some fun little quirks. Nothing most of you couldn't fix with a day or two in the garage. I'll attach a list of work done. Obviously price is negotiable, will entertain any reasonable offer.

-Transmission slips/hesitates, mostly just between 1st and 2nd when the engine is cold. It has been like this for several years and has not gotten any worse. When the engine warms up, it usually never has any issues. I never got around to looking into it.

-Front end squawks. This started after the lift. Sometimes when the Jeep is parked you can bounce it up and down and it squeaks, so I always assumed it was the shock bushings, not positive.

-As I was cleaning it up to list, the rear passenger window regulator **** out of course. lol

-Seems to have some of the typical old Jeep leaks. Rear main seal, oil pan, a bit in the transfer case. Probably has been like that for years. I never have needed to add any oil between oil changes.

-Windshield cracked

-Due for an oil changes, just hit 5k since the last.