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Wiring Harness?

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I hope this is the right place to post this.
Let me start off by saying that I know nothing about cars, which unfortunately doesn't stop me from trying fix things that break.

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Recently had a mechanic come out to replace the NSS. He was unable to do so because he says all the wiring under there is corroded and needs to be replaced, but he is unable to tell me WHAT wiring exactly. He mentioned transmission and transfer case harness. Does anyone know what all wiring under there he may be referring to? I'm trying to look up parts but have no idea what to query.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time.
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The description you have is all you need...transmission/t-case harness.

Unfortunately, you aren't going to find a new replacement harness. That Jeep is over 20 years old, they don't make those harnesses any more.
Car manufacturers generally stop making/selling those kind of harnesses a few years after a body style goes out of production. And there isn't nearly enough of a demand for an aftermarket supplier to make these very specific type of harnesses.

You are either going to need to find a decent used one in a salvage yard, build a new harness from scratch, or patch whatever needs repaired on the Jeep.

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New pigtails might be the way to go.
Appears at least the NSS one for sure.
Googling for your Jeep with a 4.0, cause you don't say what engine, gives us this:

Now is this right part? Not sure.
Also would this fix the problem? Not sure.
And are there other things that need to be fixed?
Basically because your mechanic did not point out to you exactly what the issues are you are going to have to crawl under there and figure it out.
Also if a pigtail would have fixed the NSS problem your mechanic should have known that buying something like this was possible.
So either it would not fix the problem, at least with the NSS, or you need to find a new mechanic.
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