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Wire Crimping- How Much Force?

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I have always crimped wire connectors with a lot of force. It flattens them out, spreads the plastic shielding, and sometimes makes it difficult to slide the heat-shrink over the top. I also, usually, crimp more than once. Too afraid that my connection will come apart later. What is the proper way to crimp wire?
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This is what I'm working on. Done now...

Professional results. Looks good. Post back a review on the workings of those. I would like to go that route soon.

The fact that you care about your work is probably the no.1 factor in the success.

Oh yeah. But it does have a quick release if you do something stupid.
You don't want to get your finger in there.
Good addition that quick release. LOL

I bought a set like that specifically for doing the solar panel MC4 connectors, but found they do a great job a many fittings. I used it to install two harness style packs when doing my tilt wheel install.

I use the pooh out of these. Note the different crimp positions

Here is a pair of those GB crimpers like shown earlier, rock solid and easy to squeeze:

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Scott George is gonna have to shave his feet before he moves down South or he'll stroke out from the heat.
George is a natural blonde?? That, that.....humm
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How hard to you crimp foot hair? I seem to have lost the point of this thread
I think it is more about the copper compound found in the anti-sieze and the accidental placement of it. Sometimes these threads will also have a "safety" or "hazard" value too.

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LMAO, George. I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about?? :rofl: I am wondering what a professional tree feeler does, exactly!? I wonder if you have to be sweet to it, or is it best to just run up and grrrraab it! And what would happen if I used some climbing spikes? I Googled "Professional Tree Feeler", and the closest definition I could find, ironically, was a listing for a Dr. George M. Akra, who seemed somewhat of a special personality, and is locally known as The Tree Whisperer. I called the number, but I got a recording saying the individual was on indefinite sabbatical to Tennessee. Hmmmm?

Or- are you referring to Newton's Law of Physics, in that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, swinging an ax at a tree would mean the tree swung equal force at the ax. Simultaneously. It happened when you blinked. Honest.

Ida know, Gus. Those are some HOSS crimpers. I can't imagine holding one piece while trying to strike it with a hammer. I have to use two hands on my hammer because of the heft! :D
Well, if you guys ever get it figured out who is the best tree feeler, I have a few that need to be felt, one has been so sad for a while, ever since it's roots reached the leach line and plugged it, I had to re-route the line. It has been ever so sad since then.

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