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Which axle do I have?

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My Jeep is in the shop behind a locked gate so I can't go look at it. Need to order some new rear leaf springs, and the U Bolt kit I need to order with it is different if I have a Chrysler 8.25 or Dana 35. Guessing I have the Dana, but here is info from the build sheet. Does anyone know for sure?

DMMS 3.07 Rear Axle Ratio
DRJP 175MM Rear Axle
DSA Trac-Lok Differential Rear Axle

It is a 96 Jeep Cherokee SE 4.0L if that helps.

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Thanks blackhillpirate - I tried the VIN decoder and don't see the axle type - am I missing something obvious? I will PM you the VIN number - thanks!

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Easy upgrade is to find a Chrysler 8.25 from 96-01 XJ with the 3.07 gears and stab it in there. Otherwise, those gears are terrible for anything more than a stock tire.
Any 8.25 is an upgrade over that Dana 35, but the 97-01 8.25s were the beefier 29 spline units. '96 still had the 27 spline axles.

- Justin
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