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1981 and 1985 CJ7’s
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I was just rewiring my starter solenoid because the previous person who wired them didn’t do it correctly and the rubber cover on the wire burnt completely off, so it was just exposed wire. Still worked but I went ahead and fixed it, but I found 2 wires that weren’t connected to anything and I don’t know where they go. The first one (closest to the camera) comes out at the end of the wire loom like it’s supposed to go right near the starter solenoid
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The second one (farther from the camera) comes out of the loom right behind the alternator
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Thanks for any help!

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Hi B-Dub.

Profiles are getting harder to see on this new format site, but it may help viewers if you tell them the age of jeep you are working on and its basics. The answers will still be wrong but more accurately wrong :)

I am seeing a black wire going to the starter solenoid. This is the Neutral Safety Ground for an automatic transmission starter solenoid. If you do not have an automatic, it is just a spare wire. If you have an automatic, check if it starts in gear, if it does you have the wrong starter solenoid. You may have the manual transmission version that grounds through its mounting bolt.

The other wire is unclear, can you see its colour?
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