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Wheeling near Morgantown during the week

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I have a few days off during the week and wanted to go wheeling. A buddy and I have the middle of the week off and was hoping maybe someone could guide us to some good trails near Morgantown. We are both running around in stock jeeps so not looking to do serious offroading. just a few trails and some mud.
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I am a student here, I normally take my WJ to sand springs rd, you can get directions there, roughly you take 68 towards coopers rock, get off at exit 10 take a left, take another left and its about 3 miles if that on your right. it is not bad wheeling at all, when you get to the very top it runs into the university forest, you can take a right to get out, follow that road till the stop sign, take a right, take a left at the 2nd intersection to get back to town. there is another trail however if you take a left when you get to the top and it is fun, beware though some of the mud holes are deep as sh**t, swamped my jeep there. blue hole has a few trails here and there.
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