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So in august i'm taking a road trip out with the jeep out to the badlands national park, mount rushmore, and ending in yellowstone park. Anyway i've always heard that the badlands has some amazing wheeling. I want to do some decent stuff while i'm there but nothing to major as i'm 1000 miles from home and the majority of my spare jeep parts.

I'm budget boosted currently but i'm hoping to get my RE 3.5 superflex, iron rock track bar and currie hd steering parts on in time for the trip. I'm on a 31 inch tire at the moment. I'm not locked and because rocks are not super prevalent here in il i don't have sliders. I have some good recovery points and all sorts of straps and recovery stuff but i'm winchless. so i'm looking for some lighter trails to take my xj down. however if some sd jeepers are going to be around i would love to tag along with some of you guys and see the sights some. I'm going to be out in the badlands for august 9th and 10th.

Anyway i'm wondering where some good spots are around the bad lands if not in the bad lands national park. we are going to spending 2 days in the bad lands national park before heading out to rushmore and ending up at yellow stone. I doubt we will have time for any wheeling in yellow stone as we are going to be doing a lot of hiking, whitewater rafting the yellowstone river and doing some rock climbing.
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