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Wheel Spacers?

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I bought a set of used tires and wheels for my zj, they look great but I wish they were out a little further, plus I noticed the rear tires are rubbing on the springs, even though while parked there is 1/2 inch space between them (??). How do you guys feel about wheel spacers?
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quality wheel spacers (spidertrax) are fine in my opinion the problem is cheap wheel spacers add extra points of failure and aren't worth the savings
I've been running 2" Spidertrax for a little over a year and no problems. However, I'm saving back for some wider wheels with some decent backspacing. It just seems like that has to be a safer route.
I ran spacers on my first ZJ for many years. I have Spider trax on my current ZJ too. I got them from [email protected]. These are nice as well. They just don't have the blue coating that the spidertrax do and they are less expensive. They are perfectly safe as long as they are installed correctly.
as long as they are hub and wheel centric and you install them with Loctite on the threads and antiseize between the two different metals, they are safe.
What did the tires and wheels come off of? If the tires are almost touching the springs it sounds like the back spacing of those wheels aren't correct for the ZJ. As stated, a proper set of spacers will work fine but personally I would just buy wheels with the back spacing you want.
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