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What's it worth?

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OEM Soft top crossbar & arms assembly for a Jeep '02 Wrangler Sahara, brand new condition never used.
I bought the Jeep new and never took the hard top off so it was still wrapped. Anyway it came "sealed" with this red tape. I never opened it until today, idk I just thought I'd leave it all together in one piece.
I've got somebody coming in from out of town, says he's going to talk to his wife and make an offer. He wanted me to open it up so I sent him these pictures and he's satisfied its complete. I just wondered what people thought would be a fair price for it.

Wood Bumper Flooring Hardwood Varnish

Wood Automotive exterior Musical instrument accessory Flooring Hardwood
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Do you have the windows also, 2 sides and rear. You can ask what ever you want, but it comes down to how much he's willing to pay.

A complete soft top set up would also come with room bar brackets and screws, door surrounds, tail gate brackets and bar,

You can ask north of $500, but after 20+ years, how much is it really worth to you. To have cash in your pocket and to top gone.
Shoot for $450.
A concern that I would have, even though "new/never used", is that the fabric and stitching is 20+ years old, plus, its been tightly rolled/folded.

Will the fabric crack, stitching pull apart, from dry rot, etc, as it's put in use.
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I wouldn't buy it unless you installed it on your jeep to show that the fabric didn't shrink and the windows didn't shrink.
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