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Whats in your pockets?

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Straight forward, What do you carry in your gear with you?
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Realized I never listed what I carry so...Flashlight on helmet, and mini right angle flashlight on gear. 4 in 1 screw driver, wire cutters, knife, trauma shears, extrication and work gloves, carabiner and rope

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On the left pocket of my bunkers
-20 Ft of tubular webbing w/ locking D-ring, Work gloves, Pen, Streamlight Polytac, Multi-head screwdriver(w/ built in LED light), Res-Q-Wrench(Includes a Spanner, Gas wrench, O2 wrench, Seatbelt cutter, Window Punch, Light duty Pry tool), Knife-w/seatbelt cutter and window punch, Pliers
On the right side of my bunkers:
-Multiple pairs of exam gloves, Maglite LED AA Pro, Wedge-it door chock.
On my suspenders, I have a D-ring that I can attach my car keys to and a paracord bracelet that contains a whistle. Also trauma Shears
On my coat, I have three pockets. On left side I carry:
-Pelican Saberlight, Structure Fire Gloves, Large red firefighter knife with curved blade, Extrication Gloves
In my right pocket I carry:
-Channelock 88 Heavy-duty metal pliers with wire snips, pry tool, gas shut off, and spanner.
-Fire alarm keys
On my traffic vest: safety glasses
On my Helmet-Wedge-it door chock, Streamlight Polytac, Pelican PM6 flashlight.
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