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What to take on a week long Colorado Jeep trip

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Hey peeps!
I will be taking my son (17), his friend (17) and an old college buddy (50) to colorado for some high altitude Jeeping.

We have a 2013 JKU, with 33" tires, XRC bumpers, and rock rails, but no winch yet. Will stick to intermediate trails and the like, but we will be traveling alone.

I think it would be wise to tag onto other groups as they pass through, safety in numbers kind of thing, but I want to ask some of you that have done that sort of expedition.

So, suggestions? What to take, and whether to connect with others while there, or would they just be a hinderance and a bother?
Specifically, one more question. Should I get a CB radio for commo?

We will be camping, mostly.

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I'd go straight to the Ouray/Telluride/Ridgway area. There are plenty of trails and you'll see other Jeeps around for that safety in numbers. There is a federal campground right south of Ouray (Amphitheater), or the one at the Ridgway State Park, which I've stayed at both and would recommend.

You've got Imogene Pass, easy drive for any Jeep, and the Alipine Loop, Engineer Pass and the infamous Black Bear.

Or if you want to go to the center of the state around Buena Vista, I've been on Hancock Pass which takes you to the Alpine Tunnel (google it as it's a must see), Tincup, and Mount Zion.

All of these trails can be done on your own. You'll find that a week isn't enough time, but then there are always future trips. :)

P.S. Here are a couple of my previous trips as I usually go out there every other summer: (Sorry, a bunch of photo links have expired.)
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