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What to take on a week long Colorado Jeep trip

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Hey peeps!
I will be taking my son (17), his friend (17) and an old college buddy (50) to colorado for some high altitude Jeeping.

We have a 2013 JKU, with 33" tires, XRC bumpers, and rock rails, but no winch yet. Will stick to intermediate trails and the like, but we will be traveling alone.

I think it would be wise to tag onto other groups as they pass through, safety in numbers kind of thing, but I want to ask some of you that have done that sort of expedition.

So, suggestions? What to take, and whether to connect with others while there, or would they just be a hinderance and a bother?
Specifically, one more question. Should I get a CB radio for commo?

We will be camping, mostly.

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Going with other people should not make or break your plans.

I've wheeled alone in Colorado and other places many times. I am not opposed to wheeling with other people - I do that regularly too -, but making plans contingent on others results in little accomplishment. I actually ran Black Bear Pass with a group of JK's. It was fun to meet and hang out with them for an afternoon, but it was just happenstance.

Maybe you could put out some feelers on a couple forums to see if others will be in the area. If so, great. If not, it shouldn't stop you.

CB's are handy. Much better than Walkie Talkies. If you'd planned on getting one anyway, now would be a good time.
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