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As others state start off with a full tune up.
Get some oil for the transmission to top it off(make sure to get the correct fluid for the 5-speed manual). I wouldn't change it completely unless you find it shifting poorly.(plenty of info on doing this here)
Check all the zerk fittings and look at the rubber boots to make sure they aren't cracked.
Drive it a little before you change the bakes. If the rotors are still in good shape use the current pads to take off any surface rust. If the rotors and drums seem fine just install a new set of pads and shoes. Then this is a good way to look at the calipers and rear brake components to see there condition. Bleed the brakes if you can to get fresh brake fluid in the calipers.

For the interior you may be better off just removing everything(seats, center console, carpets).
Maybe paint the floor to prevent rusting.
Then either clean the carpet while it is out or just replace it. Replacement carpets are really not that expensive.

If you have a decent air compressor get this attachment from Harbor Freight:
Bicycle part Font Circle Triangle Titanium

This thing is amazing you stick it in every crevice in the dash and air vents to blow out the dust and debris.
You can also use this to clean out the frame rails.
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