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So I picked up this frame yesterday. I was told it was a CJ5, he thought it was a 73 but from what I can tell it is pre 71, Wheelbase is 81". I would like to start with what do I really have so I can try to figure out what I am going to do with it. The frame is rock solid, hell of a lot better then my TJ. Any info would be great and any suggestions on what route I should take to make it whole. I would like to lift it with at least 35" tires and maybe a V8 of some sort. But if the frame is not up to the task or if is best to restore it back to a more original state that is an option too. I got it cheap and just want to have fun with it with the family. Thanks Steve
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Based on the looks of that frame, I'd say you are very close to narrowing it down to it being a 1954-64 frame. 59' model year based on the serial number you found. It could be a CJ-5 or a CJ-6 and you will need to measure for dimensions.
Try using the frame photo below and measure it against the dimensions given below the frame drawing.
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