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I've had one for just over a year and put about 35000 miles on it. It was my first diesel, and it's absolutely fine. A bit rattly at start up when cold (as most diesels are), fine when warmed up. With the auto transmission it sits at 70mph on the motorway at 1800RPM, giving around 33mpg (stock). Since I added 33x12.50x15's and a 2" lift it gives 25mpg at 70mph, around 30mpg at 55mph.

It's used no oil and had no issues whatsoever. I run regular (standard) diesel and regularly mix "Redex" in with the fuel to keep the system clean. I don't get any smoke from the exhaust, even when ragging it, so I guess the Redex does it's job.

Off road is an even better story, since all the grunt is at the bottom-end. Bags of torque = lots of fun!
What axles do they run in the deasels? Same as the gas motors?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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