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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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well im also still running the stock 3.55s
that could be an issue, i got 3.73s, you wouldnt want to buy some extra stock D35 shafts would ya:laugh:
well im also still running the stock 3.55s
I'm running the stock 3.73's. I'd have to say though that i was reasonably happy with 18 considering i have a brother and a buddy with 4.0L xj's which are stock and they get around 18.5 highway, mine was pretty mixed highway/windy back country/city.

18.5 outta the V8, could be your upgrades, or i suspect the 4.0L just maybe has to work harder to haul the ZJ body around then a v8 does?... idk
The 4.0 and V8 both get similar mileage if you drive efficiently. If you're hard on it, however, the V8 will do a bit worse.
thats bs i get 13 mpg city :( i think my jeep has a gas probem
For all city, 13 is about right. Those getting notably better are doing less true city driving.

In all city driving, I can get about 12.5 - 13 from Mom's WJ 4.0, and 12 - 12.5 from the 5.9.
my zj must be weird...i can easily get 24 on the highway......mixed i usually stay right around 20, just city driving i do 18....:rtft:
3.73 gears with stock tires
and you probly dont have 4wd
went to the dealership to pick up a cam bolt for the front lower control arm. damn $27. also got a look at the new grand cherokee
went to the dealership to pick up a cam bolt for the front lower control arm. damn $27. also got a look at the new grand cherokee
Damn dude, shoulda just hit up a JY. Last time there I picked up a few spare Swaybar link bolts, since my disconnects are a t-55, wrench and zipties. Cost the price of admission:shhh:
none of the junkyards around here have jeeps, absolutely none its ridiculous
XJ90 - Being 2wd probably gives you about a 1mpg advantage. With that kind of mileage, it sounds like you've got the efficient driving thing covered!

On topic, I installed the new water pump and took it for a test drive.
First post over here in ZJ territory.

Last week I replaced the rear main and oil pan gasket as well as tightened the valve cover bolts. That fixed the oil leaks until the oil pressure sender decided to crap out yesterday. Got the joy of replacing that sucker today. Great place to hide it huh? Didnt have a socket or wrench to fit it, good ol vice grips saved the day again.

By the way my full time 4wd V8 ZJ just got about 22.5 MPG out of the last tank of fuel. That was mostly city with a bit of back highway (50 MPH) driving. I wasnt easy on it either. She scoots almost as well as my 5.2 YJ.
installed IRO extended rear sway bar end links, replaced my cracked vapor canister, and painted my rims semi-gloss black :cool:
Changed the oil today, its 237,182 miles on it oil psi of 60. Did a 5 tire rotation, ordered some of those huskey floor liners
mounting my last three bfg all terrains mounted on my back two tires and my spare since i mysteriously got a flat tonight after i parked it for the night
Changed passenger side rear axle bearing and seal on the Wife's ZJ. Nice not needing a press for the bearing install.
finished painting my rims, painted the vents toward the rear, and installed my jks quicker discos! :cheers:

also failed smog after my new vapor canister install... said i was overpressurized.. wtf?! only difference besides the brand new canister was an empty tank of gas. any ideas?
went to go wheeling but the park was flooded out
drove it to the island and parked it, noticed small coolant drip, replaced bad clamp on lower rad hose. went wheeling, got my *** handed to me by a samurai
flushed and burped the cooling system, built a box unit in the back to keep my crap from bouncing around. Just need to carpet it and fit the latch then all is well.
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