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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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put it through its paces
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fixed this

put in a 231 instead of that junk 249
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what, exactly, led to that???
trying to put a stock-ish ZJ places it does not belong.

believe the chain snapped during a session of hard wheel hop. wheels hopped, heard a pop. though nothing of it really as all wheels still pulled. backed off the hill to try another one, got a more consistent popping. got out, checked, no leak or anything, continued up the thiil. got to anothe rhill, about halfway up heard a loud pop and forward movement halted. put it in park, and th ejeep still moved. got out to find that.

still moved in High range though, but made some pretty terrible noises.
scored a FREE rear d-shaft from the local junk yard. when to pick it up since i just converted from a 249 to a 231 and needed a shorter one they guy went out and go it out the same jeep the T-case came from and told me he was donating it to the cause. gotta love having hookups at the local JY.
sold the XJ about a week ago, so back in the ZJ again for some wheeling fun.

has not been out in 4 months, so dug it out to do a little work on it before this weekend.
wheeled the crap out of it. pics to follow....
cut out sliders FTW
What size u think? was gunna do 2x3 but the frame rails r lower than that boatsides.

but really 2x3 is fin, you do not really want the sam as your frame rails, just basically replace the stock rocker.
wheeled it.......dana 35 ate the big one
welded up the D35.....again after teh spiders imploded from teh first go round. Granted it took 4 long years of abuse, hoping for just another year or so out of em
34x10.5-15 on only a 2" BB. gotta get some wheel spacers for the front as i rub the control arm pretty hard, but otherwise clear pretty well
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You didn't have to trim anything around the wheel wells? How much of a spacer will you need? I want to do something similar with 33x10.5x15.
well, front fenders are gone as you can see with the body seem beat flat. Rears were already trimmed as well.

probably gonna go with a 1.25" spacer, should be me clear of the control arm but i may need to trim a bit of body once i do that to get them to clear while turning.
ordered some wheel spacers for the front of it to clear up some rubbage issues
got a little hung up
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used it for the first time since memorial day.

had to recover a stuck Tacoma and YJ that went wheeling after a nice rain here and soon realized they could not get back up the hills they had just come down. so the old ZJ to the rescue to pull em both out.
found out why AT's and open diffs don't follow MT's and Lockers (not mine, but my little brothers 98) Wheeled a bit saturday, had to pull him out with my Chevy as my ZJ was elsewhere

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idk. My ATs kept up with my friends MTs... Just saying.
what we consider wheeling is decidely different than what most on here consider wheeling and AT's simply can't hang. i end up on the wrong end of the tow rope more often than i like on my TSL's, let along a typical MT or AT tire
Wheeled it, broke it.
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beat it like a red headed step child

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How much you running in the tires?
only had about 3-4 PSI. Blew two off teh bead that day though
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