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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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Changed the front diff oil out, ordered some currie lower ca brackets since i ripped one of mine off the other weekend...
replaced oil sending unit. Pulled lower controls to adjust only to find out that I dont have a freekin wrench large enough to get that jam nut off... i dont know how i lost a wrench!

also adjust rear pinion angle a tad to get rid of some vibes
purchased a 24" adjustable wrench from Harbor Freight. thing is massive, but the 18" wrench was sold out and i needed something big enough to break the jam nut on my adj lower CA's

Also drooled over KOR's stealth bumper some more... :drool:

So sick of jeeps.. :/

Got my tires mounted and balanced today. Put the fronts on, took my rear control arms off..

called IRO to find out where the hell my LCA are that I ordered 3 days ago, with 2 day shipping... Turns out they didn't ship because they didn't have any powered coated, even though the girl told me 3 days ago they were in stock. So suppose ably they are shipping today, and should be here FRIDAY. I was suppose to leave for my vacation tonight, but I cant because I need my control arms...

Why would you schedule your VACA and install so close together? IRO is small operation, but quality is great and so is the service. I dont see this being anybody's fault except yours. Bummer about your VACA man, hope you still get some quality time in.

On subject, I cursed felpro gaskets. The plenum is leaking, I just replaced and I had my torque wrench calibrated BEFORE the install. I seem to remember the gasket leaking shortly after I did this the first time around.

Felpro = :thumbdown:

Rewired door speakers, new radio, new rear wiper motor, ordered a 150 amp alt from Kolak, replaced the rear brakes since I was grinding metal.

Now to find a new battery...
I really need to rewire my door speakers. Sounds like one of my new speakers is blown sometimes but I'm sure it's just the wires. No way I can blow up a 75w RMS 2 ohm speaker.
pull the door panel, check for corrosion on the speaker contacts. Clean and put together again with dielectric grease. If you have the stock infinity system, you will see a crossover network in there, too, there are connections to that puppy that can corrode too. Clean, splice, new wire if needed. I would do that first before rewiring.

For some reason, I lost all power to my rear passenger door, with the exception of the door light... Speaker didnt work, door lock doesnt work. So I tried to find the break in the wires, but no luck. So I just sent a new wire from the stereo to the rear door. Then, both front speakers were rotted (the salt kicks up into the door crevices..) So I cut out the crossover networks, put in some polk speakers and called it a day. I couldnt find independently driven speakers at worst buy and I didnt feel like ordering off line. Sounds good enough to me.

going outside now to make adjustments to the pinion angle on my TJ in the rear, then both front and rear for the ZJ... I hate doing this.. although the front is significantly easier with the IRO y thats in there.

Not bad. I drive over 100 miles per day going to and from work on the one road in and out of town. It's usually icy and my lower control arm bushings are nearly gone which makes steering vague and mysterious. It's only dangerous when I really think about it. Studded winter tires (M+S...but now mountain snowflake symbol :( ) helped a lot; on the A/T tires it was suicidal.

I have no fear of getting stuck until the snow is more than a foot deep, then low range will get me through about another 6" before the snow just gets too compacted under the body and brings things to a stop. Like when my wife ran off the road the other day... I've got shovels, bags of kitty litter (ran out of traction sand), straps, and gloves to get myself or others unstuck.

Now I just need to fix the driver's side heated seat. And the high beam switch. And the lower control arms. And the sunroof relay. And the cruis control light.... I love jeeps :D
I am pretty envious... My wife and I have been wanting to live in alaska for quite some time. you will have to post up some pictures or something...

On topic, put in a new 150amp alt. from Kolak, now I can be at idle with my lights on, blower motor, and turn my offroad lights on and the voltage stays at 14. WOOOHOOO!
did this to these...
Door Wood Handle Fixture Hardwood

Brown Wood Floor Gas Flooring

with this
Tin Aluminum can Tin can Beverage can Drink

reinstall tomorrow :D
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Those look nice enough for shipping to my house:D
Sure, I will even give them to you for free! You pay for shipping, shipping to vegas from new york is $550. Damn ups!

Got the windshield replaced... bought a yellow top battery...

now I have to go and find the parasitic draw... :(
If you put washers in the bottom holes, and leave the top without, the door acts as though the bushings are good again. You do this by just loosening all the bolts, take bottoms out, lift door, put in washers, tighten a couple, see how it lines up. Some need 2 washers stacked, some get by with one. Mines been like this for 4 years with no problems.
thats pretty slick... and dirty! I might have to do this since I have replaced my pins twice now and they are beginning to sag again..
I got tracking info today for all my IRO stuff. Here's a list of what I ended up ordering.

3.5" coils for front and rear
Full set of fixed control arms
Adjustable front trackbar
Adjustable rear trackbar
JKS quicker discos
JKS barpin eliminators
Nitro shocks
Tenneco HD steering stabilizer
Extended rear swaybar links

Hopefully it'll be here early next week.

Oh, and pics of said blonde...
Cool, I would have went with at least adjustable uppers for front and rear... Pics of install :-D
Check out that tailpipe I had put on 2 weeks ago, it's a true 3"
After having it installed I was under there and noticed if my suspension bottoms out the tailpipe will be completely crushed by the diff.
Go from 2.5" to 3" sure changed to acoustic tone and also made it a little louder.
I have a 3 inch tail pipe too... it rattles on the gas tank shroud every now and then... but its such a tight fit back there.
thats what she said
You've talked with my wife I see :cool:
When I was asking about the power distribution, I meant of 4LO. But since someone said that 4LO is like 4PT with the exception of different gearing, that means 50% of the power is at the front and 50% of the power is at the rear. In 4FT the power is 25% at each wheels
Actually, in 4FT the open differential provides a split of 48/52
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