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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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first post, huh. being nocturnal pays off. I finally admitted that i screwed up on the re-installation of my oil pan after replacing the rear main. it was leaking oil worse than before so i took it back off(not the easiest effing thing to do on a stock height ZJ) and re-re-installed it so now it dont leak. all of this done from 11:30-1:45 AM, in the dark with the aid of a large fluorescent light

Oh yea and i foiled an attempt for some guys trying to egg my jeep( i had just finished and heard talking) they were some high school kids trying to end the summer with some egging fun. not on my block lol
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hmm. i got up and washed the eggs off my jeep. little bastards came back i guess
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got out to try to re-do my oil pan gasket since its still leaking, turns out i pinched it in the main bearing cap. then got hit by the first bands of tropical storm Danielle
filled her up with gas... 18 mpg... stock tires but roof rack, BB and winch... didnt think it was too bad! besides, better then my DD gets:rolleyes:
seriously? 18 from a 4.0? ive got a BB and 30's on my V8 ZJ and i average about 18.5!
ive got the 4.0 with 33s and i get 12 to 14
so does this mean that my jeep is some kind of freak or does this mean that my O2/ignition/exhaust/intake combo really add that much MPG? awesome
WOOOO! im finally done installing my new Yukon 35 alloy shafts. they were $18 each. walkin through JY, saw a grand without its wheels, something purple and shiny caught my eye on the rear end. Yep, found yukon alloy shafts in the JY, in process of removing i removed the diff cover and 30 billion pieces of spider gears fell out. took the shafts by the cousins machine shop to have em checked. straight as an arrow and no signs of twisting.
well im also still running the stock 3.55s
that could be an issue, i got 3.73s, you wouldnt want to buy some extra stock D35 shafts would ya:laugh:
drove it to the island and parked it, noticed small coolant drip, replaced bad clamp on lower rad hose. went wheeling, got my *** handed to me by a samurai
installed new oil pressure sending unit and new trans cooler lines to replace the cracked one
well i finished up the trans cooler line replacement ive been putting off. drove it to the oreillys to get a quart of ATF+4 and decided to get a new power steering pump. mine suffers from bad bearings so its time to replace. went for new since this is a common prob, and i dont want to do this again
changed out the squeaky tensioner pulley
realized trans cooler line was leaking again, removed line, sanded old JB weld and sanded line, JB welded line for 8 inches on either side of the leak.

no more leak
i made money from it! thats right, my jeep gave money back!! some retard cousin of my GF that thinks his mustang is the baddest thing on the earth asked what i drive after i told him i wasnt impressed, after telling him he said "grand cherokees never had a V8, they only had a 4.0" he was so sure he bet me $50. went to the house, popped the hood and fired it up, showed him the FSM to prove it wasnt a swap. moneyy
put $40 in Plus in the tank...just for kicks...
you pumped your own gas again?:eek:
I seafoamed the oil and changed it. Got my new Hughes Plenum kit, will start on that soon. funny how I rebuilt the motor in may but It already blew out a plenum gasket. oh well it will never do it after this
I replaced the CTS and got it to stop running rich. i think it got to the point where it was running in closed loop mode because it was black smoking on hard acceleration
coolant temp sensor. if it faults it can tell the PCM that the motor is always cold, which results in it being drowned in fuel regardless of what the O2 says.
changed the idler pulley that was going out. no more whining. gotta get some new u joints all down the driveline, got a little clunk from neutral to drive.
swapped tranny mount and fitted a new (to me) passanger side recovery point from an overland. The one that was on the drivers side was the most basic flimsy piece of crap I've ever seen. Needless to say it got ripped off and tore the frame where the stock hook mounts. So no chance of a bumper install anytime soon.
ouch. time to break out the welder. i gave up on the factory hooks, i got a kor radiator support with hooks for recovery points. much stronger. soon i will have a custom bumper to go with it.
I used it to pull the boat today, I drove 14 miles to the boat launch and back and burned 10 bucks in gas. I can drive my bike to and from work(33 miles rnd trip) for 5 days on 10 bucks. I'm starting to remember why I bought the bike.
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