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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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today i took acetone to my cragar wheels and took off that blue and red stripe and i also cleaned up my hid wiring
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thats bs i get 13 mpg city :( i think my jeep has a gas probem
and you probly dont have 4wd
Drove it. College puts a damper on working on the Jeep. Plus, I'm broke. Getting $300 for a job tomorrow. Going to try to go get some factory skids.

Order 50 JF "promotion card" things. Cost me a whole TWO DOLLARS! I'll take it!
r u prostitutes?
i put my cladding back on. i got sick of the look of the chipped paint and those damn nubs. gonna wash my car and paint the cladding again sometime this week.
damn well can i get that roof rack since you wont need it anymore ;) just kidding man sorry bout your ride but seriously if your gonna start parting stuff out hit me up
did u get hurt at all?
i think the rule of thumb is that you dont want a tire that is more than 4" wider than your rim aka if you have a 15x7" wheel the widest tire you should run is a 11.5
My steering squeak turned out to be my steering shaft(before the gear box), i lubed it up with some spray white lithium and it stopped. I have a popping as well but thats the BJs
he he bjs :teehee:
picked up a christmas tree :)


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didnt have time to pull over because i was late for work because i got hammered last night, so i pissed in a gatorade bottle in my zj today
replaced my map sensor i went from 12 mpg to 15 mpg :) also what a pain in the *** is what to get to those two torx screws
i took out my hid kit today and it is now for sale. DDM Tuning 8000k HID KIT with HI/LOW beam


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realized i now have 3 sets of keys for my jeep, 1) to open the doors 2) to start it bc i had ignition changed 3) my locking gas cap

went muddin. thats not even 1/2 of it. we stopped for lunch and then went back out again. i think im gonna leave the mud on there for a few more days

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very nice how much?
used it to buy a goped to whip around because everywhere i go is within a mile so i can get 75mpg compared to 12mpg with the heep. anyway it was $100 off craigslist and it has a 49cc engine and goes about 35!!
selling some jk moab rims if anyone is interested pm me!
snapped the passengers side cv joint and got it stuck all at the same time..need front tow points badly haha

I got some tow hooks for sale bro shoot me an offer
picked up a set of 33 12.50s!
that looks sick with fog/driving lights for headlights, but is it legal ?
x2? my headlights blow
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