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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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Waited for fed-ex to bring my 3.5" IRO lift but all they did was drive by.:mad: So i put a high flow cat and turbo muffler on.
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Fed-ex brought my lift!!! Hopefully putting it in tonight after work and possibly trading my 17" soft 8's for Moabs tomorow.
Put my lift on last night and rearended some lady at 10MPH in a down pour on my way to our shop to put my lift on. Cop says to watch out for this lady because she is shaddy and now shes complaining of neck injuries. No damage to her dakota, 1 hole in my plastic bumper from her resse hitch.
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