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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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I Bought some Cool Hella or Hella Cool 500 ff lights to replace my bused OEM lower driving lights. Time for some more night wheeling trips. anyone? Also, greased my zirk fitting on my JKS quicker disconnects and all 4 of my new Flex control arm Joints. Almost no Rough Country left to my Lift now, that's a good thing!
Changed the Milkshake fluid from my front diff and inspected the Locker and Yukons. all good . replaced missing/broken lock pin for JKS quicker discos
I did the best thing anyone could ever do for there ZJ, I bought another Parts ZJ. with good stuff on it. Winch bumper, Bushwackers. JKS, lift, and a lot more.
ordered my new RC winch. 9500lb pull, synthetic line , 2 remotes, 1 wireless , 400.96$ shipped. Thank's Ryan . My jeep is so close to being done.. I Failed on getting my fender flairs put on. still to damn cold out to work.
First Wheeling trip tomorrow. can not wait.

Brian your Jeep keeps looking better and better, nice work. I may need to give that shock conversion a try down the road.
Hacking up the 5.9 to fit the Bushwackers.

Post install on the trail
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Repaired My Spare air tank! Sure its mainly for when I scuba dive, but its goes with me Off road And sits up on the ZJ dash when I am out wheeling and I know I will be around deep water crossings.

People get a kick out of it when they see it, That's normally Just after they ask me what the snorkel is for. I sure hope I never have to use it on the trail, or off the trail. What can I say, I have seen a Jeep flop in the water before.

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I finally replaced my transmission again. And yes, I did modify the factory transmission vent so I can handle the deep water crossings without damage to the trans..
My ring gear fell off .
I Just finished replacing everything in my Rear Diff. Including the Carrier, carrier bearings , caps. 4.56 Yukon Ring and Pinion, seals , u joint and Yoke. Luck for me the locker was still good. Man that was the most expensive repair parts bill yet.

My old 4.56 YG. I can only guess that the ring bolts were over torqued. Although they were driven for atlest 2 years.

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It going to rain today, Put my doors back on!!!!!1
Hey man small world im grant I was riding with sam in the blue xj. Was a fun weekend for sure.

Heres a quick vid I put together

Cool video. :cheers2:
Gassed it up for Christmas Eve ride to visit the Family. some Family visiting all the way from Iowa. Now that the Jeep is my weekend worrier I only drive it to wheel and special occasions. We are expecting a little snow tonight and its Christmas eve. that's good enough. Merry Christmas everyone!
1.5 years of saving and rebuilding and today its back on the road/ 1998 5.9 ZJ previous GCOTM. Upgrades completed. IRO 7"Long Arm F/R. replace steering box with a darango box and added Kevin's steering box brace with grease-able bushings . Replaced 4.56 geared Aussie Locked LP Dana30 with a HP D30/ trussed with 4.56 and Detroit locker plus alloy axles riddler diff cover and heavy duty Lower CA mounts. New 35 MTR/kevlar. new rims. Painted my JCR stage III sliders and protofab winch bumper. Pics to come. The drive is amazing.
Addressed some of my final build issues. pulled my Detroit and replaced My Dana HP30 inner and outer Pinion bearings , races and seal. Also Installed new muffler that actually fits nicely threw that cut out in my mew Rear IRO long arm cross member.. I would have been wheeling by today if it were not for the fact that the parts monkey gave me the wrong outer's and no one within 50 miles of me had pinion bearing #02872 and matching race 02820. Missed the local Toys for Tots run :(, but the job is done.
Finally Replaced all my front Head Light and marker lenses. One of my cheaper mods. In fact, it was the best $100 investments I have made on my ZJ.
Now I see the light!
Ordered the last bit of stuff I needed to get my Youngest boys ZJ set up on a 4" lift. Now both My sons and I will be driving capable Lifted ZJ's and able to wheel our ZJs together as a group. Open Diffs and no lifts with stock street tires made for Jeep ZJ that could not hang with us on the easiest of the trails we take. This season is going to get even better having my own Jeep ZJ club / family. Just gonna throw this out here. I am looking for yet another D44a locker deal, or ZJ winch bumper or RC style winch mounting plate. Operative word is Good Deal. :2thumbsup:
Ordered a Tom Woods Front D.S today.
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