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What did you do to your ZJ today?

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This thread is to serve as an inspiration to others modifying their ZJ's. Pretty simple, just post what you did to your ZJ today!

Today I shamefully took my Jeep to get the oil changed because it was to hot to change it myself.
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Redid bushings on sway bar, and checked the plenum again, no leak still. But now she's stalling on me at stops, it sucks, and the idle is all screwy.
Started her in the morning, started good, but began running rough. Thought I'd check connectors everywhere, disconnected the battery again. Checked over everything, and put everything back together, started her, drove her around, running great now. Now to get some sandpaper, and paint the rust.
Blew my passenger side cv shaft. Yay. Didn't IRO sell u-joint shafts for the ZJ's?
Replaced my busted passenger side cv axle shaft in my schools parking lot. Effff Yeah!
Thermostat, again in less than a year. Fail-safe one I bought at Christmas last year stuck open, FOR THE WHOLE TRIP FROM IDAHO TO WYOMING. No heat = teh sucks. But an open stat is better than a closed stat.
Snowed all day, so what better chance to finish building my front bumper. Pics tomorrow in this post.
Bought one of them IRO Double-Sheer track bars and extra bushings. See how that goes. Anyone know if the KOR Durometer bushings fit the IRO bar off the top of their head?
Oil change, F + R Diff check, tcase check, repainted rear shocks, uber expensive rain-x wipers and a new cheapo wiper for the rear window. Pricing out welding cable and lugs for battery cable upgrade.
Removed the AC Compressor and put in a bypass pulley. Put an alum spacer under the FIPK, needs some more tinkering though.
Bolted my IRO track bar in on the axle side. Nut loosed and was barely on. Luckly it didn't come completely off when I was driving today. 16 cent lock-washer is going to keep that sucker on.
New NGK o2 sensor. Runs like a champ. Now if I could only afford some new tires...
Bought a scrap'd tube bumper and some other assorted metals for 35$ Bought cut off disks and grinding wheels for the work. Gonna break in my dad's new welder. Will post pictures when done.
Worked on the bumper, but also got 31/10.50/15 Cooper STT's ordered. Pictures to follow.
Mounted the bumper to spark more ideas. Still not done though. Also got the new Cooper STT's. Love them currently, review to follow in a year.


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Remounted the newly painted front bumper. Sealed my K&N Fipk heat shield with a lid and more metal against the fender, made a cold air port with sheet metal where the factory had small fresh air route between the radiator and headlight on the drivers side. Insulated the outside (facing motor and exhaust manifold.) and inside (facing filter) with foam tape w/ reflective side. Drove around in the snow to see how much water would get in; only small drops and actual frozen drops sitting around the filter. Win & Good.
Not today, but over the past week:
MSD Blaster 8228 coil, 8mm blue silicon spark plug wires, AP3923 plugs, brass cap/rotor, two new 1/0 grounds, 1/0 Alternator to Battery (pos) cable. Tore out the rest of the A/C system (hoses, tubes, condenser, accumulator). I've had an A/C replacement pulley in place of the compressor for a few months now. So much room to add more crap. Anyway, off to finals.
Oil filter/oil change, post seafoam. Coolant flush/reservoir cleaning/new coolant. New fuel filter after last tank of gas w/ seafoam. Seafoam'd intake. Tcase fluid and differential fluids this weekend. Transmission filter change next week.
Decided not to do the filter and transmission drain/fill due to it being cold and very windy. Also, want to have my pan installed with a drain plug or get another pan. Rotated tires, front driver side brake suffering uneven wear. Greased front end zerks, drained and filled transfer case fluid. Checking differentials tomorrow, Wyoming the day after that.
Said why not, and did new rotors and pads up front, nothing special. Caliper pins were nasty, but cleanable. Differential fluid is solid, AmsOil rocks. On to Wyoming.
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