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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Finally installed the over head console that's been hanging out in the garage for a year.
Replaced my distributor cap and roll raced a Honda on the highway....he lost LOL slow *** civic.
RebelRidinRyan said:
Broke 2 wrenches trying to get my 3 HUB bolts out. Got 2 of the 3 and gotta hit up the parts store since my 2 sockets were both too big. Haha
13mm 12 point socket, spray it with plenty of pb blaster. Those bolts can be a pain sometimes.
Tom95YJ said:
I've never had a problem with those bolts on any of my Jeeps , But I also use a 1/2 drive socket and 20" breaker bar. Leverage is your friend

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Mine were all stubborn they rusted up pretty good on the threads that were exposed.
MattBillyTayloe said:
Going flare less , these bolts are a pain in the ***.
All of my bolts broke on the flares so it wasn't that bad
Motorcharge said:
You can't reuse the stock flares if you trim anyway.
You can afro-engineer them back on with zip ties and self tappers. Thats what I did on my last xj and plan to do with this one.
Guys I have to ask an I the only one with trouble involving the lower Front turn signals?
Whats the issue? Mine flash fast because I have a bad socket and sometimes the contacts aren't tight enough.
connor0770 said:
meh we have all been there. You wont sell it.. If you do and want a cheap wheeler get a Toyota. They are stupid cheap to build and i wouldnt think twice about bashing it all to hell.
LOL what planet are you living on. Everyone i know with Toyota's ***** about how expensive they are to lift, and how much bumpers and stuff cost.
Tom95YJ said:
They must not have owned jeeps lol

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I could build half an ifs yota for what I have in my Jeep.
Was t a 4 wheel alignment ?
Can't do a four wheel alignment on a vehicle that has no adjustment for the rear :doh:
RebelRidinRyan said:
That's for recentering after an accident if the car has been tweaked. A shop wolnt do a four wheel alignment on a vehicle that does not have factory adjustments in the rear unless it was brought in for that particular concern of the rear being out of center.
Gheap said:
Reason I ask is a CJTire told me they did a 4 wheel alignment on my xj lol and tried to charge me almost 200$
Vehicles with rear leaf springs have no factory alignment adjustments for the rear. $200!!!! The dealership I used to work for only charged $80. The only adjustment on the xj is the toe, a camber adjustment on the control arm mounts, and the drag link adjustment to center the wheel.
For full protection you should build an exo cage in the same design style!:duhrock:
more than likely a cage of some sort will be built in similar fashion. Wil be doing some "hoops" over the fenders and rear bumper first
Please dont, might as well just weld Ibeams around your jeep if you plan on keeping with that...what do you call it "style"
almost rolled it corner over corner, might have blown out the input seal on the transmission. Started leaking when I was trying to get out of almost rolling it and its dripping now. Might be for sale.
How about front vs rear locker on road characteristics?
the front you wolnt notice, the rear slides out in the rain sometimes. I didnt the front and Im glad I did just pulls the truck right over everything.
Thanks, speaking of which, anyone know where I can get a jeep lug nut key? Seem to have lost mine and need to change my rims and tires to my new black rock wheels and BFGs.
Jeep dealer...they should have a master set to take them off with for u too.
Well I found out the hard way after swap that the fly wheel on the 95 motor isn't the same as a 98
4.0 xj. IM SCREWED and 950$ deep into the swap
Been there done that. Pull it back out and swap flywheels.
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