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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Joshharris98xj said:
They are beautiful
They are one of the crappiest tires you can buy.
chriskeenan said:
i have 6in lift and 29's, and i think it looks silly, but it works. but as a bonus im not breaking stuff all the time, and the locker make its so i can still hang with the bigger rigs
Try 9in on 29's

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Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Car
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Back_In_Black said:
I only tried twice.

my factory intake was cracked, so they swapped one over from a 01 WJ.

is there any sensor that could be the problem?
I did that before, start it and it immediately revs and doesn't stop?
If so the intake isn't seated properly on the dowel pins. Loosen up all the intake bolts and rock it around until it falls onto the dowel pins.
Finally got my brake lines after waiting almost 3 weeks! They match the color of the truck fairly well.

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Back_In_Black said:
The head gasket was pretty nasty, but didn't have any cracks. They had a problem getting the new intake to mount to the dowel pins, and accidentally broke the end off of the mounting hole on the intake, I crawled under it myself, and could not find any leaks or holes, but It still make me wonder....and since they broke it they gave it to me for free.

The only issue I have now is that it has a bit of a high idle, and it is consistently getting higher, about 1k Rpms now, but I will keep an eye on it, I hope it's not because of the dowel pin mount being gone. Besides that it runs perfectly at operating temp, and has no problems.
Bring it back to them to make right, their fault their problem.
Back_In_Black said:
nah, they know their stuff, and breaking the intake was an accident, but I'm just not a fan of their style, or anyone elses for that matter.
I broke the same spot on my last xj didn't have any issues, clean the iac and double check to se if the intake is seated
DezertTJ said:
Got my wheels on. No more rubbing
Someone needs some adjustable control arms
Extended brakelines are on, I hate drum brakes. The adjusters were frozen. Almost ready for rausch creek on the 31st.
Whizzerbike said:
Well I didnt do this today but over the weekend I cut across a parking lot doing about 50mph at 2 in the morning... Still dont understand why there was a median in the middle of the this parking lot but I sure as hell found it. Blew two of my mud terrain tires. Called a few friends they all came out to help change some tires. Threw a donut on it and drove about 1 mile to a friends house doing about 5mph... ohhh that was the best part! When I got back had a few beers and called it a night. :laugh:
Watched a kid in a lowered Honda do the same at a car meet. He haunched the car about 30ft past the first median, then almost into a semi over the second. The wheels were jammed up into the wheel wells.
MattBillyTayloe said:
In order to put 6.5's in there or anything ever again I have to replace it all. Fml. Guess I will call the jy tomorrow,

Is there anything I could put behind the foam to make it more durable so I can screw the speakers into it? Te only part messing this up is the sound bar.
Go to the junkyard and replace your headliner/sound bar. Get a sound bar from an older xj modify it for 6x9 speakers then wire it up and bolt it in.
MattBillyTayloe said:
This would almost work but the headliner is shaped to the sound bar, and I'm not sure if any later model xj's have the same headliner as the 99
The 97+ headliner and put the sound bar from an older model in a different location farther up. I've seen it done before. You will have 2 more speakers you could even cut it for a small pair of subs like 8in.
chriskeenan said:
the older pre97 soundbar, fiberglassed to the 99 backer board.
You don't even have to go thar far, you could just fasten it using the factory locations in the bar and put it over top of the factory headliner like the pre 97's did from tthe factory
MOBBiN said:
I'm sure the skid plate isn't completely useless.... It's gotta be worth the 20$ I paid for it

Where should I mount them? The bumper mount only had 1 hole or I would have used 2 bolts

Should I drill another hole?
Those are going to become missiles if you get stuck and use them for recovery
Motorcharge said:
Drove it to work and back. Felt awesome being able to drive it again after two months. Having music ruled too since I swapped my stereo system over to the Jeep like 2 days before it broke down. It's still running hot, but was sitting at 210 at 45ish all the way to work and back, granted that's with the heat on. I'm going to burp the system here in a few minutes and see if that doesn't fix my heat issue.
Why does everyone think 210 is hot?
My car runs just fine at 210 same with my jeep.

Seems like this thread is a little touchy feely today.[/quote]

Maybe someone needs a Snickers?
CharlieCherokee said:
drove the 97 ford explorer and realised how much nicer it is than my xj because the steering wheel doesnt have 90 degrees of play and it ACTUALLY HAS BRAKES
Check your track bar and adjust your rear shoes.
Oregon187 said:
I installed the Spectre Intake today. This thing definitely sounds mean in the cab at wide open throttle!! I like it!


Whatever shall I do with all this new found space...

I'm thinking OBA (On Board Air, for the noobs) :highfive:
Dual battery?
Twister my tie rod into a pretzel at a rock crawl Tuesday night. Luckily someone at the event ran to his shop and got me a used one so u could drive the hour and a half home. Guess its time to upgrade the stock steering really doesn't like 35's
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