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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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who wants to buy my POS jeep.

rear end is howling. i need to get rid of this bs

Options, change gear lube and see if it stops, deal with the howling, replace both diffs with a diffrent gear ratio from a pick and pull yard, or re-gear front and rear
I went slider boxes have yet to install them tho. I have heard they they hang Alittle low and smash rocks, but I plan on making a skid for them.
Spokes said:
yesterday hit up some local trails. was just playing around and WHOOSH water over the hood :eek: made it through the hole and head out to the road. get to the road to check the air filter and shut it off. checked the filter and it was covered in mud from a couple days before in another hole... time to invest in a snorkel i think. idk yet.

so while checking the filter i shut the jeep off. than go to restart it and it ran like ****. mis firing and popping and carring on. figured something got wet to biggie. it stalls. go to crank it over again and BAM the starter died... pouring rain i pop the hood have my GF crank it while i tap on it. NOTHING. just lots of sparks so i call a buddy and he takes me to parts store and $150 later im back on the wet ground in the pouring rain changing my starter. thankfully i had my gym clothes so i didnt have to get my good clothes all wet.

anyone have any ideas as to what could get wet and make the jeep run like ****? rough idle, misfiring, popping, etc. its got new CPS, coil pack, plugs have maybe 10k on them. it runs fine once it dries out. ive had this problem before while washing under the hood every now and than? any ideas as to what is gettin wet and not working right? my black XJ never had this problem?

... and yes after i got the starter in the first thing i did was get a new air filter. thank fully the inside of intake hose and intake was spotless :2thumbsup:
Might want to atleast invest in a cowl snorkel. Getting all your sensors wet can cause the rough idle. The tps is most known for being tempremental. Change your oil ASAP!
cjcocn said:
LOL ... yes it is. :p

I will likely leave it that color, but I will be painting the rockers (starting to get surface rust, but still solid) and the bottom portion of the door/body. That will actually be bed liner and the black should go well with purple. :D
My 98 is the same color LOL I figured ill be scraping it up on trees and bashing it on rocks so color isn't really that important.
Durt_Diver said:
and now the whole of the internet knows your girlfriends full name :facepalm:
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JeepN4KC said:
Bought it, drove it home, and cleaned it up!

Only owned it half a day and already has issues - :thumbsup:
Damn this Jeep addiction!
Normally when you purchase someone else's lifted Jeep, you get the problems for free.
^that right there are some of the reasons I hate Jersey, don't get views like that around here.
Back_In_Black said:
changed the cps, still no gauges.
Bad cluster?
Motorcharge said:
I really need to start taking tires home from work again. We're allowed to take tires off customers cars or trade ins that are getting new tires as long as the customer didn't want them.

Just sold a set of 31's off a truck (18" wheels or I'd have kept them) for $250 and my extra transfer case for $100. Stoked but kinda bummed that I just made more in 10 minutes than I make in a week burning to death at work lol
Yeah I got a set of 37x12.5x17 Mtr kevlars from work and sold em.for 400. I hated being a mechanic
No4x4Yet said:
Why not use some spray foam insulation? That would seal it pretty well Id think. Thats my plan for mine when I get around to it.
Spray foam also locks in moisture and causes rust and rot pretty quickly
Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Vehicle

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car

Did that over the weekend. 6.5in long arm with lii sliders ended up netting 8in front and 9in rear
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Back_In_Black said:
I doubt thats 8''
Measured from center of wheel to fender flare in the front I got 25 and the rear 26. Factory spec is 17in front and 17.5 rear.
JeepN4KC said:
That's what she said.................haha :)
Damn I missed that one! LOL
chris87xj said:
I believe and it'll settle some with break-in.
I bought the springs used...they have been sitting for a year if that matters any and I opened the leaf packs up to get the old pins out and new pins and shims in.
No4x4Yet said:
You gotta learn to post pics man!
On my phone, nothing I can do to fix em when I post from mobile
No4x4Yet said:
Pretty your able to edit pics on your phone, or take better ones?
They show up fine on my phone and facing the right direction, its the jeepforum apparently the fliped them
Gheap said:
This is what I'm doin today lol! TC drop gone bad! On my 98 xj. Arghh!!!
Rip it off wheeling?
Back_In_Black said:
got the bill from the machine shop.

$320 bucks for a valve job, pressure test etc...

that also includes a complete head gasket set to rebuild the top end. I told them I didn't want anything felpro, so Its a victory gasket set.

What's wrong with felpro
I think i got to step 8 of my lift kit install. lol

The axle wont drop all the way for me to remove the spring coil and add in the 3 inch spacer for that matter!

Trying to get my hands on an air gun wrench so i can remove the LCA's and hopefully drop the axle farther
you can always compress the spring.....I normally remove the shocks, and sway bar and leave the lca's, just jack the opposite side of the axle up to get it to drop far enough. You may have to undo the lca's to get the spacer and spring in tho.
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