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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Replaced a missing trans bolt before 630am. About to go work on some extensions for my roof basket so i can carry some 4x8ft sheet goods.
Might be a new personal record...
What display is that? I might neeeeeeeed it
Wow. That ultraguage is half what I paid for my scanguage and it looks a whole lot better.
ordered bumpers, front and rear with tire carrier, and rock sliders. eta 3 weeks
Smittybilt XRC. Couldn't beat the price.
Have not seen their sliders
I haven't either, but they were free if you bought their front and rear bumpers.

In-store promotion (xj only) at my local 4WP
I plan on LOTS of pictures of ALL of it. There's a serious lack of pics for all of these items. I aim to fix that.
Changed the speedometer gear to match the tires the PO put on a year ago.
Yeah it's super simple
Previous Owner had installed factory tow hooks and front skid.

Yesterday I discovered that the tow hooks are held in with one bolt each, and the front skid is held in with one bolt on each side. All of them wiggle with just a little force.

Good news is that im getting a new front bumper this weekend that has recovery points on it so I don't need the hooks. On my 99 I had installed the factory skid and remember using nutcerts... I think I still have some of those somewhere...
Got sideways in the rain this morning, going through a curve whilst going uphill. It was probably more exciting for the oncoming civic than it was for me.

I'd put off the np242 swap until later because I figured the larger tires would make it less squirrely in light rain (more surface area contacting the road). Both my previous XJs had the 242 and I'd throw it in 4FT during the rain to keep it from sliding. So that's back on the list for sooner-rather-than-later
Picked up my new front bumper. Sadly it might be three or four weeks before I'll have time to install it.
My BIL "had" to sell his two year old crew cab dodge 1500 and buy a brand new crew cab dodge 2500 diesel because "the kids don't have enough room in the back"

His kids were 6 and 3.
That is sound logic, have you seen the back seats in those things?
It's the same friggin truck with a different drivetrain! lol
Had a screwdriver in my hand, one thing lead to another, and then this happened:

Found a couple of interesting things. Like the alarm body just kind of hanging out under the dash (I know this is typical, but how the eff is a shock sensor supposed to work if it's just dangling in midair?)

The radio has bluetooth and the one time I tried to use it my wife said she couldnt hear me. Figured it was because the mic had come unplugged. Guess what?

When I pulled the radio out to plug the mic in, there was this box:

Connected to a USB extension cable on one end:

And on the other, connected to the same power wires as the radio.

Like this:

The USB cable disappears under the center console but I suspect it's supposed to come up in the armrest, but at some point fell through the little hole that some PO drilled in the storage box.

That black box is some circa 2009 power adapter:

Its crazy what people thought was a good idea.

I also unboxed my new XRC front bumper but I'll save that for later.
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Holy crap! That would be like $5500 down here!
Fixed the rear passenger side seat belt. The lower mounting point had apparently been used as a ground for a subwoofer at some point, and the installer cross threaded the bolt. It was about a half inch from flush.
I'd get a JKU as a third car, after my XJ and a gas sipper---like an STi
Does Jeep Forum have vacation time?
Jeep Forum hasn't been with the company log enough to earn vacation time
Does Jeep Forum want to work for that company ever again?
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