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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Got everything ready to begin the install of a propane system for the XJ.At 1.40 per gallon it will pay for itself in 3 months if gas prices stay above 3.00.Only paid 400.00 for the system including the tank.Will be finished tomorrow evening if the Jeep gods are with me.;)yjmcb
I bought the system of ebay,I was looking for a bigger tank for my YJ which I have had on propane for 4 years.Kind of got lucky on the system for the XJ when it came up in the search for a tank.It came off a 95 Xj used by the MO dept of wildlife.The owner was parting it out so I bought the whole system.I will try to get some pics of the install and let you know how everything turns out.I have been very happy with the system on my YJ,but it was simpler since I had already put in a 350 w/carb.This is the first time I've tried one with fuel injection,it looks pretty simple but we will see tomorrow.yjmcb
My mpg is a little less on propane,not quite 1 mpg,I get 11 om propane and close to 12 on gasoline in my YJ.I do notice a little less pep on propane,it is a seat of the pants difference you can feel.yjmcb The savings on propane is pretty good.I drive 250-300 miles per week.With the price of gas and diesel what it is now,it would cost me 60.00 per week to drive my Dodge Cummins,41.00 to drive my wifes' Miata and it now costs me 37.00 to drive my propane YJ.If I get only 14 mpg in my XJ on propane it will cost me only 29.40 in the Propane XJ cutting my fuel cost by as much as 50% or 20% over my YJ.yjmcb
Propane on XJ

Sorry about not answering any questions on my propane install Friday,but for some reason I could not get on this forum yesterday.The answer to the question on the size of the tank on my YJ and the one I am adding to the XJ is the Yj tank is 23 lpg gal and the XJ 19 LPg gal.I did lose the rear seat in my YJ with some room under the tank and about 18 in between the tail gate and tank for storage.The XJ I have about the same 18 in from gate to tank and some room on the sides of the tank.The system is on my XJ,it will be a dual fuel system just like the one on my YJ.The only thing I am waiting for is some advice from a propane installer on the best way to kill the FI when I am running LPG.I know one way to do it but it involves more wiring,so I know there is a way to kill it using 1 wire.Will find out Monday as the installer was on vacation Friday.:(Just my luck,it was his first week off in 3 yrs his sec.told me.Should be on the road monday evening:D,I will get pics up in the next couple of days.yjmcb
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Propane system is on and running great,can not tell a seat of the pants difference when I switch to propane the way I can on my YJ.I put 30 miles on it with propane to test it today.Actually starts faster with propane.Also filled it and my YJ up w/propane today,36 gal total for both,cost me $53.50:D.would have cost me $60.00 for gas just for the XJ,bigger:D.I'll get some pics up of the conversion in tech soon,yjmcb
I'll get mileage with the propane up as soon as I run a couple of tanks thru to give me kind of a average for the different types of driving I do.Might take a couple of weeks but I know people are interested.yjmcb
I installed a propane system on my 92 XJ 4.0 last weekend.It is a dual fuel,can run on gas or Lpg.I have 160 miles on propane so far on my 1st tank.The tank holds 171/2 gal. of propane.Hopefully here are some pics:

This is a pic of the tank.Because the tank is inside the passenger compartment it must be sealed.This means any guages or valves must not be where they could leak fuel into the interior.The fill and vent must also be on the outside of the vehicle.You can see the sealed hose leading to the hole cut in the floor.A couple of more pics of the tank:

Here is a pic of my fill line and vent:

The next pic is of my Fuel cut off solenoid and filter,you can see the propane lines running to it.It cuts of the flow of propane when I switch to gas.There is another switch that shuts of gasoline when I switch to propane under my backseat.

This next pic is of the vaporiser or regulator.It uses engine coolant to warm the fuel after start up and to keep it from freezing up the lines.It is a Impco model L.

You can also see it has a small injector to push Lpg to make start up easier.

Another view of the vaporiser.
Now are a few pics of the mixer that combines Lpg with air from cold air intake.It is a Impco 200 mixer:

A few pics of my YJ with carb for comparison
Tank,23 lpg gal.

Impco 300 mixer.

Impco model e vaporiser w/filter and solenoid.

I get 11mpg propane on YJ compared to 12 gasoline.I will post mpg on XJ when I get a few tanks of fuel ran thru it.yjmcb
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Why???? What purpose does it serve? What are the benefits to doing this? Why would I want to perform this mod on my jeep?
The main reason I did this is the price of fuel,1.40 per gal vs 3.88 per gal.If prices for both stay about the same I will recoup my expenses in 25-30 fill ups or about 6 months.If the price of gas goes down,I just run gas.yjmcb
Did you install that yourself?? How complicated was it?? Looks pretty involved, no??
I have a mechanic friend who guided me,the system we installed came of a XJ so it was almost follow the pics.yjmcb
After running 1 tank of propane thru the XJ my mpg was a little less than expected.May still have a little fine tuning to do.I got 10.1 mpg and was expecting to get 12-13.I avg 15 on gas so 80% would be 12.If the second tank does not do a little better I am going to remove and clean out the mixer.I'll keep it posted.yjmcb
Replaced steering stabilizer,sure felt better on test drive.
Got new MTR's mounted all way around,35-12.50-15's.
What gears are you running?
4.56,detroit rear,tru trac in front.
Pretty happy with the power?

I'm second guessing only going to 4.10s. They would work nicely with the 265s, but that isn't what I want to be running anyway. I guess I'm kinda stuck since that's all I've got currently. Maybe I can sell it all as a package deal later. Or buy another XJ to dd and swap axles/tires... Who am I kidding my XJ IS my DD, and will probably die (at least once) this way.
I ran 4.10's in my YJ w/35's for 10 years.It was great on road,seemed to have about the same power as stock with with stock tires.That's why I went with 4.56 in XJ.After that I went with 4.56 in YJ.
Replaced NSS on my 92,lasted 2 years after rebuild on it.
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