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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Nothing so spectacular.

Replaced the rotten (probably original) PVC bushing.

Also replaced the oil pressure sending unit, now I'm breathing easier. Old one never showed over about 20psi.

Baby steps...
In the last two days...

Replaced cat (sounded like a brick drifting around inside) and muffler.

Located two more noises I've been after, one was a broken head pipe mount @ bell housing. Welded up & reinforced, better.

The other turns out to be interesting, seems the tranny mount has sagged enough over the years to allow the TC to just kiss the bash plate. Interesting noises resonate into the rig, change with throttle. Not too loud however, low priority. I'll fix it someday.

Got battery hold-down installed.

Starting to run out of things the PO had let slide. Might tackle the roached clear coat next.
Installed my new "Rugged Ridge All Terrain Front Floor Mats" :thumbsup:
New struts on rear hatch. I think I'll be able to get used to not having the damn thing landing on my head. ;)

Saved the old struts for a hood strut conversion. Hope to get that done soon.

Had to jump start the darn thing to get home from work. Sat with the hood open for a while during the day and I guess the underhood light draws more than I thought. Either that or I have charging issues of which I've been blissfully unaware.
Today I pulled the hatch inner liner off. Three broken clip retainers, not sure yet how I'm gonna tackle that...

Pulled out the totally roached OE speakers, new Pioneers (small ones) on order.

While I was ordering stuff I also got coolant bottle, thermostat (& gasket) and valve cover gasket coming.

Started the whole process because the hatch dome light switch wasn't working. Turns out that was the easiest part, a bit of electrical contact cleaner and now the hatch triggers the dome lights!

Not too bad for a day I spent working for wages. :thumbsup:
Been working a ***** schedule on account of the weather. (oh the joys of being a Millwirght in a pulp mill when it freezes hard!) So this account is a few days late.

Sit back & relax, it's a bit of a story...

Last week when the weather started to hit we ended up with about 7" of snow. Got to drive the XJ in the snow for the first time. Even scored points with the wife by driving her into work. :kiss:

Went against the recommendations of the "powers that be" and drove 60+ miles Saturday to visit my brother & his wife. "If you don't *have to* leave the house, don't"... Yeah, right. XJ running great, and handling everything well.

Saturday night the temp dropped. Woke up Sunday AM to sub-zero temps. :chilly: Got ready to head to work and made it about 5 blocks and noticed the temp well above normal and still blowing cold out the defroster, not good.

Good thing I haven't sold the SAAB yet.

Long story a little shorter, the PO had skimped on antifreeze. Water pump won't move slush.

Got lucky, didn't damage anything. Was out in the 20F weather Tuesday draining and refiling the cooling system.

While running with clear water (trying to flush a little more scale) I noticed my #5 spark plug had a pulse :confused: I've seen a lot of things in my life, never seen a plug move independent of the head.

#5 was less than hand-tight :facepalm: Now I had to add removing all the plugs, checking gap and re-installing to my list of stuff to do in the cold. Tune-up is in the near future, but I didn't have the plugs & wires yet so had to put the old 'uns back in.

Back on the road, all seems well, but I'm wondering what other "special" surprises the PO has left me in this rig.

On a better note, new speakers in rear hatch installed last night.

Valve cover gasket, thermostat, and coolant pressure bottle arrived yesterday, so I've got projects to entertain myself with...
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Last two nights (working graveyard this week), coolant bottle, thermostat and Spectre (K&N type) air filter.

Built some brackets for the hood strut mod, got the geometry wrong somehow and hood wouldn't latch with struts installed, went back to the prop rod for now.

I'm sure I'll run out of "deferred maintenance" the PO hadn't gotten around to at some point, but then it'll be stuff like disco's, shackle relocation, lift, bumper & winch, etc...
Forgot when I made my last post... removed "air silencer" :confused: from intake. Not entirely sure why the engineers thought this part was needed.

Last night the work continued. Plugs, wires, cap & rotor and valve cover gasket.

Downside is pulling the valve cover revealed an ugly amount of sludge build-up. :fear: I had hoped by buying a low-miles Jeep I'd avoid some of these issues.

The PO I bought from didn't own it long enough to cause this much sludge, so I'm guessing the original owners didn't get it up to temp, or change the oil often enough.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't end up with long-term issues from this. I'll be cleaning the engine in stages, updates will follow.
Drove from here to my folk's place (230+ round trip, one small mountain range between). Jeep ran a little hot most of the way, I'd guess 'round 230* to 240* most of the way.

I suspect when we had the freeze a while back it broke loose a bunch of scale and I now have a partially plugged radiator. At least I now know my electric fan is working.:)

Today, because I couldn't really do too much about that issue, I poured some Seafoam in the crankcase, drove her easy for about 15 miles & changed the oil. Seafoamed intake, poured remainder in the tank. Lots-o-smoke as promised. Not noticing dramatic difference, time will tell if there is any gain in mileage.

At one point it refused to crank, this happened once before and this time I noticed it happened fight after changing the oil filter. One of the things that got moved/wiggled in this process was the positive cable to the starter. Sure enough, starter positive was way loose.

Driving to the in-laws tomorrow & back the next day(same mountain range, only abut 150 mile round trip tho') . We'll see how she does.
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Christmas Eve day the wife & I drove to her folks' place. Upon arriving I found I now have a coolant leak. Looks like several tubes are leaking where they connect to the passenger side tank.:(

Looks like I'm doing a cooling system upgrade sooner than I thought.

Suggestions for which radiator, fans, etc would be appreciated.I'm leaning twords a copper/brass unit over aluminum, but not committed yet. I'll be spending a couple of days researching this before I pull the trigger.

I'd like to get this one right the first time, I hate having to do stuff over...

On the plus side, I must have been very good this year, got an XD-S from the wife! :thumbsup:
Oh yeah, I guess I have already tried to stuff this memory...

On the way home, on a downhill stretch of highway, damp pavement, at night, the tool in front of us decided to stop short and pull a u-turn! I was all over the binders, starting to go around the idiot when he hit the brakes... then he turns left!:eek:

I ended up in a four-wheel skid, and we got stopped with maybe 3 (count 'em, 3) inches to spare. If I had a winch bumper I'd have mashed his left rear quarter.

Just darn near got a whole new front-end, but with an '88 I'm sure the insurance pukes would have called it a total.

Sometimes you just gotta wonder...
Last night I finally got around to removing the rear sway bar.

Just ordered a new radiator about 5 min. ago. OE started leaking where tubes meet tank last week. New unit is American Eagle (read China brand) all aluminum two row of 1" tubes.

Hate buying import, but can't justify $400+ right now.

Progress is slow, but I'm still making headway.
Finally got my rear window washer working. Seems it was plugged @ the wiper arm.

If any one needs to know, I found a washer line check valve on Amazon much cheaper than the OE valve. Seems to work just fine. Ignore the alarming announcement on the page that it won't fit your rig.

Got a good start on cleaning the factory gunk out of my C101 connector. I'll have to go back & do a more detailed cleaning, but it's much better than I found it.

Ordered more parts, headlight relay harness, motor and transmission mounts.

My luck they'll all arrive on the same day as my radiator and water pump.
Dont get your hopes up lol
I notice he didn't specify which January.:D
My headlight wiring harness came in Saturday's mail. :)

Installed it at work tonight, first test will be going home in the morning (semi-dark). Real test will be coming to work tomorrow night (dark-dark).

Still getting parts together for the big radiator swap coming up. Going to replace water pump, belt and lower hose while everything is wide open. Any suggestions re: pump? '88 4.0l, daily driver / weekend trail rig. Should I stay OE or go with a higher flow pump?
You get paid to work on your rig ?

We should all be so fortunate .
Yeah, sometimes it works out that way. I have one of the best jobs of all time!:thumbsup:

They keep me around in case something breaks. When everything is running well, they leave me to my own devices. As long as I'm ready to "hit 'er hard" when needed, they don't care what I do on my graveyards (days are a different story).

Tonight however, I've been all kinda busy. Jeep will have to wait.

Some of the Shift Millwrights sit and read all night, but I had to go and buy an XJ! If it's not on a forum or in a Service Manual, I'm not getting much reading done. :laugh:

RE: the headlight harness mod, if you have not done this one yet, by all means DO IT! The drive in tonight showed just how pathetic the original headlight wiring really was. This has to rate as one of the best low-$ mods of all time!

E-codes are in the future, had 'em on a couple of rigs in the past and they really are that much better.
Replaced my non-functioning fog lights......disappointed it's not foggy.... :(
It's plenty foggy in these parts, trust me, fog is highly overrated. :)
Finally got my collapsed tranny mount replaced.

Looking forward to driving without the symphony of sounds produced by 1) exhaust bracket mashed into cross member and 2) transfer case resting on skid pan. :laugh:

Also got the side molding pulled off the driver's side. Found rust spots on driver's door where water had been trapped under the molding. The molding is probably a better idea for more arid locations (AZ, NM, TX, etc)

The plan is to get it all pulled off, repair whatever rust I find, then go back with roll-on bed liner.

I keep getting things done, but the list doesn't seem to get any shorter...can anyone explain? :confused:
I had an experience tonight on the way to work that I've never had in the Jeep before... (drum roll please)...

Someone actually flashed their high-beams at me when I was running my lows! :2thumbsup:

Lights are adjusted correctly, it was just one of those people, but...this NEVER happened before I did the headlight harness upgrade last week.

I'll say it again, if you haven't done this one yet, get it done!

Also, another follow up. The XJ is much quieter inside with the tranny mount done.:)
Fabbed up some "quicker" disconnects for the front swaybar. Takes <5 min to disconnect and tie up the bar. :)

Couldn't help myself, jumped on the forklift and got under the LF, 24" and the LR was just about to loose contact. :2thumbsup:

Not bad for bone stock. Now thinking about doing something about the saggy rear leafs and maybe some shackle relocation brackets.

BTW- does anyone have a template for Front Recovery brackets? I have plenty of steel, access to ironworker and welders, no excuse for not having front hard points.
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