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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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dmill89 said:
The one on the left is the original "sealed-beam" headlight. The one on the right is an Autopal replacement housing that allows you to run a H4 halogen bulb (many other manufactures make a similar housing but cost more). These are brighter and more focused than the stock headlights.

The Putco harness (and other relay headlight harnesses) bypasses the stock wiring and wires the lights directly to the battery eliminating the voltage drop from the stock wiring and further increasing light output.
I might have to do something similar to this.
Just bought it last night. Loaded it up with some "survival gear" ready to go explore some stuff.


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Tom95YJ said:
Long story all cause I wanted to prove my Xj was more capable then a 4runner Atleast I climbed over the rock he couldn't get up.

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What year was the 4Runner
Tom95YJ said:
01 ifs. It was on a 3" lift and 33's locked rear with rock sliders and arb bullbar so built practically identical to my Xj as far as specs go. I went over the boulder to his left

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Should have took his line, looks a lot easier.
That would have defeated the purpose of proving that a Xj is more capable.

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I am a member over on and Toyota120 I bet I could go find a thread with your pictures in it with a different story. Those 4Runner guys HATE Jeeps with a passion.
Try to find it he was impressed I drove over the big rock. He was a cool guy. He was worried about body damage also.

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where were you guys wheeling at? I'll see if I can dig up some pics or a story from his point of view.
5 mile pass recreation area in Utah. The trail name is Rattlesnake.

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searching for it now. I'll be honest I feel like my 4Runner is more capable on mild trails where the IFS doesnt hold it back. If Toyota had left them solid axle Jeep would have really had to step up their game.
couldnt find it, last post from 5 mile pass was on 7-25-12, I did however find a shot that looks like it was around the same area.

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I installed Rusty's forge flex adjustable control arms and new bushings. Rides much better now with the stock crap gone.
Tom95YJ said:
I ordered a magnaflow muffler and a mandrel bent tail pipe for the Xj today. Ironically it is the same muffler I run on my Miata. Once it comes in I will goto an exhaust shop to have it welded up and I will make sure I take a before and after video so everyone can hear how it sounds.

This is the muffler I ordered. I will probably order a header and free flow cat in a month or two

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Looks like the same magnaflow I have on my Toyota 4.7, great stainless muffler for the price.
01RedDawn said:
You have said now twice that the issue had been resolved, what did the issue end up being?
He tightened all the bolts without the weight of the vehicle on the suspension iirc
Kettles said:
I started making some simple frame stiffeners.

But I forgot to post this a while back. I was at the scrap yard making some $$$ back for work, and somebody rolled up with this XJ.. I take solace in the fact they probably had more fun than I can imagine trashing it...

There also was a clean looking two door there, awaiting a cruel fate no doubt.

I would have gone to an ATM and paid the yard 20% more than they did if I thought they would let me take it.
That door less XJ reminds me of this old jeep I saw at a local watering hole awhile back.

Sorry the picture was taken 4 or 5 years back now before phones had good cameras.


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Tom95YJ said:
Yep they are great mufflers I've run borla, flow master , edelbrock, magnaflow , dyno max. On a few different vehicles. I really liked the kooks longtubes and borla on my z28 but it was too loud for the local pd. I will admit I've turned into a magnaflow fanboy

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Oh the irony because I was a Borla fan boy and ran them on my Audi and Chevy 2500HD but after purchasing the magnaflow for I think $40 I couldn't tell much difference between it and my $150 XR-1. It's been a great muffler for a little over a year now.

Here is a video I took with my iPhone fashioned to the bumper of my 4Runner because I can't afford a go pro
Drove it on the highway for 3 hours to New Orleans! 60-70mph the entire way with no death wobble in sight! That's a big achievement, I still had a white knuckle grip on the wheel and puckered butt hole whenever I went over bumps or expansion joints


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99goldxj said:
I 55? I remember going over those with a mini full of adults (6) with a trailer behind it. I thought the back end of the van was going to bottom out.
i10 to i510, I came from Alabama. I took that picture at the beginning of my journey going over the Mobile Bay Way which seems to be my Jeeps arch nemesis.
99goldxj said:
Ah, might be the way I go to Tuscalooosa next month. Going on a mission trip and my fiance and I are going to New Orleans for a few hours on the Monday we need to be in Tuscaloosa (we will leave Indiana on Sunday at noon and stop somewhere along the way for the night).
That is kinda out of the way unless you have business in Mobile. Tuscaloosa is a straight shot up 59 from NOLA
Kettles said:
I have spent the last 3 hours trying to replace upper control arm bushings. Or more correctly, I have spent the last hour and a half on the second one. The first one was easy (there is a bunch of set up time in there), it was the bushing in the drivers arm. Now im working on the drivers axle side one. I have been hammering, torching, chiseling, hammering, torching, hammering, torching etc etc. And I think it has moved 1/16th of an inch, if that. You know, after I got the body end replaced, I thought seriously about just leaving the axle side alone. I would be driving the jeep around now if I had :(.

One side:

The other side:

I even took an old piece of pipe, hammered the end down, welded it up, and ground it down into a 2 foot long chisel. Thats how I got the sleeve folded the way it is, but it doesnt want to move..
I wish there wasn't a jeep in the way of getting to it.

my work area

Its time for a beer and a breather. Any suggestions? I would like to drive this thing tomorrow. Im going to ignore the other side.
I used a ball joint press to get mine out, pass side I had to use a big air hammer and some help from a torch. Took me 3.5 hour to replace both my bushings and install Rusty forge flex control arms just this past Friday so I know your pain.

I also stuck the new bushings in the freezer while I worked on everything and then used the torch to heat the bracket and they went in with a single swing of a dead blow hammer.

You might try taking your air chisel you have laying out and splitting the sleeve that's already put of the axle or cutting a slot in it with a grinder. This will release tension on it and it should come out fairly easy.
S8NNG8 said:
Are you trying to geet the bolts out or the arm off? If the arm just needs too come off, disconnect the shocks and sway links and let the weight of the axle pull it off;) but I suppose you were trying to do this without the disassembly.
Look at his pictures, the arm is already off an moved out of the way, he is trying to remove what's left of the metal sleeve the clevite bushing is pressed into.
Well... the beer motivated me to pull the axle.[/MG]


Man, with the axle out in the garage, it just popped out with a few swings. Nothing like being able to take a full swing with a hammer, lol.

OK so I ordered new shocks, and am ordering new TRE's for the steering. Might do some other stuff with it out, dont know though.[/quote]

What kind of beer are you drinking that motivates you to do that? I could use some of that beer!
cellorin said:
X2 on the balljoint press and freezing the new bushing priorto install. Did both my axle ends in about an hour and a half. Cast end over the diff was a breeze, the sheet metal pass side was a b**ch! What worked for me was finding a socket that fit in between the sides of the bushing I pressed it out it did not allow the sides to flex together FWIW. Space for the balljoint press was super tight, but definately doable with the axle still in.
I did the socket method on the passenger side as well! I could have probably done it in an hour of I didn't forget the new control arms at my house and then I had to drive to fastenall for new bolts cuz I snapped one and the pawn shop to get an air hammer.
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