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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Tried to drop my fuel tank on a little stump I didn't see out in the sticks. Ordering skid plate ASAP. Otherwise had a nice, relaxing, breakage-free ride out in the woods with my girlfriend and son on father's day.

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Motorcharge said:
Just got two JF stickers in the mail and put them on. I'll go take some pics when it isn't hot as balls outside.

Also in the process of ordering LEDs to replace all the interior and exterior lights (minus the headlights). The dash lights are easier to see in my 92 than they were in my 88, 89, or 90 but they're still too dim for me plus the shifter, TC, and heater control lights barely do much and the overhead and footwell lights need replacing anyway. I think I'm going to wire both the footwells and the overhead to a separate switch since my doors are removable.
I put blue SMD LEDs in my gauge cluster and they are actually almost blinding. But otherwise sweet!
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Today I moved front wheels on the grass 2ft to work on the headlights and grill ect. Anyhow I went in the house for 15minutes to call the dealer and some black guy comes to the door asking if I want to sell it? And I'm like no.. and then he says there are 2 tickets and a tow away sticker on it! Yep, I got a 2 tickets for it being parked on my own grass, $100 bucks!!! :mad:
You must live in California.
Going to wash the mud and dust off to take my girlfriend out to fancy three year anniversary date. If only I could wash that rust off..
cellorin said:
Fiberglass and mdf subwoofer speaker enclosure box for a 10" sub. Fits in panel recess. I only drilled 4 holes in the panel to secure the box from behind. More pics in my 92 build thread.
That came out really nice! I've been thinking about making a similar setup. How's the sound output out of that small enclosure?
Back_In_Black said:
Someone help me before I roll this thing into the ocean.
Clockspring for the airbag? Not related. I don't remember exactly what the circuitry in the cluster looks like, but you clearly have 12v there. Mashed up wiring harness in the dash? ECU toasted? Do any of your gauges have any sweep?
Back_In_Black said:
screw it, Ill take it to a shop.
Ive heard of the disconnecting the battery and holding cables together for a few minutes method of resetting. Dealership could re-flash if necessary. If you could locate a wiring diagram of the pinouts I'd be curious if you have anything on the inputs to the gauges. Then you'd at least know if you're dealing with a bad control, or cluster.
Geoff1965 said:
Gave the HEEP a 3" lift, fitted 31's etc.............

That wasnt this weekend.........

this weekend I got stuck........

Not quite what the thread is about but, thats what I did to my heep today
I can't believe you couldn't just climb out of that. :laugh:
Moved it around the driveway to hear that sweet L6 blow through my Flowmaster 44. Cleaned up interior. Contemplated trip to dunes next weekend. lame.
Taking the jeep to the shop tomorrow. Until then happy America day.

It took a few days to boot up the 'ol laptop, but I feel this is the only appropriate response.
Took my girlfriend and son out Jeepin'. Didn't break anything, and dragged this big tree off the trail.
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Motorcharge said:
Good luck finding one then.
Depending on how far you want to go to get one, there were a TON here in Michigan when I was trying to find a Cherokee. They're relatively cheap here too because people are more focused on fuel economy and whatnot. Craigslist, grand rapids, MI
Oh you've seen Michigan vehicles before? Lol. Totally hit and miss. I'm not sure why people don't like them more. Especially around here.

I was trying to find some odds and ends in my local JY, and was surprised to find only 4 XJ's. ZJ city though.
Very true. We got ROBBED of winter last year anyway. I can't wait for some serious snow!
For sure, I was outside all "winter" (which I love) doing a high voltage duct bank installation underground. We had a much bigger problem dealing with mud an cave-ins than frozen ground. I worked in a t-shirt almost everyday.

So disappointed. I hope we get killed with snow this year. All wheel drive drift time!
Durt_Diver said:
Ohhh you think you know but you don't. Typical western jeep driver
Rust isn't something you "prevent" here. It's like knowing you'll get old and die. Eventually your **** will fall apart in this state. I'd be just fine if they never salted our roads ever again.
Started on flush mount subwoofer enclosure. Pictures tomorrow
RacerX said:
I been wanting to. I was gonna buy HID retro-fit lamps and put LED fog light 'bulbs' in them but someone pointed out that they would glare all over the place.
Then I found these:

$500 for set of LED 5x7" Headlamps

Oh, and BTW, your headlights are the best RADAR reflector ! (another reason I wanted to go LED, but just a flat panel full of LEDs)
$500! Don't get me wrong, I love LED technology, but that even SOUNDS ridiculous. I put $20 into mine for new halogens, and they work great. Somebody has to have better, cheaper LEDs out by now...
CRider74 said:
Yeah, got that too at Radio Shack last night. I just need to find/make an antenna mount yet, only piece that's missing. I'll have that squared away this week though, one way or another :cool:
Where are you guys mounting your cb's?
Back_In_Black said:
i only read your posts in ron swansons voice.
I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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