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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Sorry to interject, check the Montana flame job I got going 600 miles through the storm we just had. This stuff is on there like glacier ice.

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lk123 said:
Got a knocking/thunking sound when i start to accelerate in first gear then stops when i shift into second. :( sounds and feels like its in the trans tunnel but drives fine like always
Auto or manual? Mines manual, I get this heavy shuttering when leaving a dead stop, unless I rev it up, then play the clutch to keep from spinning crap on the guy behind me.
I put an Optima in my 1st XJ back in '02, I think. It was awesome for 6+yrs,
Anyway, I got 1 for my new XJ, had it (batt) for about 2 yrs.
Did the quality change in that time? (Probably)
What deficiencies should I be expecting?
I rely on its CCA the most, never let me down yet. Other than the CCA, I used them to boost the power to my amps.
Spokes said:
anyone running the IRO 2" AAL? for $60 for both im thinkin about a set.

thoughts on them?
Just a ?, what does AAL stand for?
Wouldn't it cost something for new wraps and u-bolts too? What model Jeep do you have?
Spokes said:
this is going to be a CHEAP beater prerunner haha by what i mean of prerunner is just something that i can cruise on dirt roads around here at like 30-40 ( i do it now anyways) but just wanna make it a little more beefy lol its gonna have stock arms, coil spacer, AAL, and some new shocks. that will be about it for a little while. like i said this is going to be a true budget build lol

i really am liking the general grabblers. think they might be what i wanna run on it.
Beefy and stock arms aren't going to be a wise choice.
Spokes said:
haha im not going to be jumping the thing 20ft, just wanna make it a little more stable over bumps.

haha thanks for the heads up but mine is 4x4. so its like all the rest, ill be doing wheel bearings and u-joints in it pretty soon, in 4wd its making a creaking noise, leading me to think the u-joint is bone dry more than likely. :rolleyes:
Lifted rigs change the angle of tension on the bushings, but you know that I'm sure. If you're going as far as wheel bearings and such, I would consider new bushings. Btw, your track bar bushing will solve any death wobble.
I got a ? For all of you, I'm lookin' for a set of rock rails but don't want to sacrifice the clearance. Of the brands you've all tried, which are the best of both worlds?
ahar9 said:
My friend has warn rock sliders and he loves them. He has frame stiffeners as well

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I have a tow setup with the tongue attachment, the base for that is welded to the ends of my frame rails/unibody;) at the front. I have a stage 3, 2" receiver welded in the back. This has strengthened things a bit, I notice less body flex in mine compared to others I've driven (solely for the purpose of checking that). But you mean boxing in the body rails, right?
I couldn't get this tow system off, so I turned it into an accessory.
I know the license frame is a little cheesy, but my mom got it for me so I had to put it on.

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BlueBadger said:
went by the shop and installed my tire rack.
If you've never seen it, you should Google C-roc
The red 2dr is C-rok. I mentioned it to you cuz yours looks just like it.
I don't know if he layed out the build on that website. It's on 38.5's, 2x3 frame under the cab, 2x4 frame under the engine, air bags to raise and lower, and an LS V8 packed to the fenders. I just happened to have and old magazine from yrs back that has the whole build.
Sorry, Exploders have leafs in the rear.( & a sway bar... but those are leaf perches)
Now I see, did you notice the ones we were looking at are 90degrees off, not 180.
AustinTexasXJ said:
Locked my self out of it,

neither one of my keys will unlock the door..

Swing the key back/forth from locked to unlocked, after about 3 times you'll hear it completely unlock. My drivers dr has the same problem.
Spokes said:
whose swapped a hp30 into a 00 xj? did u have to modify your exhaust??
You shouldn't need to modify anything if you have enough lift to need the hp30.
JohnFM3 said:
I found where the water is coming in my cab. Looks to be coming from the heater box. So I am assuming its coming down the cowl an in. Need to locate the drain an ensure its clear.

Possibly blew your heater core, it'll smell like antifreeze if you did.
...and now, back to our story... I can't decide if my next mod is gonna be F&R ORFAB bumpers, or intake, header, and exhaust. What brands of exhaust are/are not worth the money, I've been interested in the Borla setup.
Damn, is that cuz it stuck out more than the stock one? Idk if its bad judgment to cross brands, but maybe I'll try to find the flowmaster I had on my other XJ: solid steel/welded, not sheet metal/pinch seams.
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