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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Drove 'er to work, burnt a little rubber on the way home. :D
Texsun said:
Looks like a fun time, but that rear leaf/shackle setup kinda scares me.
chriskeenan said:

im sure thats a typo
Or he got new monster truck tires
:thumbs up:laugh:


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2doorxj said:
god, exo cages are so damn ugly
God yes!!
Gheap said:
Well I plan to orange the lettering too hope it's doesn't turn into a pumpkin lol
At least your jeep is YOURS. Nothing wrong with a little customization as long as the owner likes it.
Lettering might pull it together more though:p
Washed it, put my lightbar back on, and started wiring my lights. Hell of a job. Makes me wonder why I ever took it off to begin with.
And thruway rust begins...


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BlueBadger said:
Had a friend send me this thought I'd share it.
I have a sticker like this on my xj. Except the jeep on the sticker is an xj. eBay. Lol
zetsubou-jeep said:
I found a use for that stupid fair lead plate on my bumper lol. Also I had my 31s and new rims mounted
Stupid question... Can you seee?
zetsubou-jeep said:
Only with my eyes closed. ;-)
Makes sense, I thought I was the only one that drives like that. :p
BlueBadger said:
Thanks she sent that to me on Facebook. First time I ever saw it. Thanks for the info. I'll get on eBay and order one tonight.
I found is searching xj bumper sticker I think.


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Washed the beach off of it, inside and out. It's too hot for this ****.
Prepping my roof rack, is 8 lights to much? Will it kill my battery?
MCObray said:
You should be ok, but I would bump up to a Deep Cycle battery like a Diehard Platinum, especially if you want to add a winch, additional lights or fridge in the future.
What about 8 lights, amp, and a winch? I was thinking about getting a better battery soon. Any idea how much a diehard platinum costs?
BlueBadger said:
Na I love lights!! And I run an optima marine battery. No BS it is stamped Nov. of 1999, and still going strong!!! Even if it was missed stamped before I got it used 3 years ago, according to the sticker it is at least no newer then 9 years old and still going!! I think optima should have the bunny!!! Oh and I have left my lights on twice all day draining it. Jumped it off and picked right up and still hasn't ever once been sluggish!!! I put the same battery in an exes truck that was made in '06 and it's still going also!! I will always run an Optima from now on!!
I will keep that In mind, I'm running ****ty lights but they are lights lol. Waitin on money so I can invest in KC's or something. But I have 4 on a bar, and 4 platinum burners that came on my rack. I think I will look for a better battery soon
BlueBadger said:
Yes sir it does!!!!!
So I'm assuming I shouldn't go for a new optima? Hahah,
About to go wheeling somewhere I shouldn't be.
rugsucka said:
Illegal, or out of your league? I've taken my XJ plenty of places I shouldn't have made it, but I always went with friends, knew when to use a bypass/get winched, asked for a spotter.

Are you willing to accept body damage? Can you afford to replace parts? Do you have any skid plates? Do you have proper recover points both front and rear?

Have fun, take pictures, go slow, learn your limits.
well if your talking to me, it's more illegal, not really out of my league, haven't been in a while so I'm not sure If it's changed much. Think I will wait until tomorrow though. It's getting dark, lol
What is the proper way to put D rings on a bumper. I'm not building a winch bumper but I want to have some D rings up there for recovery and all. Just trying to draw up plans but I'm a bit in educated
kathryndiann said:
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