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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Changed all fluids. Dif, xfr case, trans, engine,,,
Installed an Alpine iDA-X305SBT Digital Media Receiver, an Alpine MRX-V60 5 Channel Amp, Front door Speakers = Focal 165KR, Rear upper Speakers = Focal 165CVX and the Sub is on the Right Lower Rear Panel = Focal 21V2....
Phone is Bluetooth accessible through radio

One side affect......All road noise is GONE!!!
Look where that got Kennedy.... Tisk Tisk... Sucks to be RIGHT!
Removed the right rear trim and cut out indentation, then reinstalled it, glassed in the area between the panel and body to create a sub woofer box. I used 3/4 in MDF for the face and mounted an 8" Focal Subwoofer, and protected the front with a Kicker Grill. Here is the result.

Wheel Automotive tire Tire Hubcap Alloy wheel

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Installed 3.5/4 in OME Lift. ... New left brake caliper.. And new tires.

Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Car


Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive side marker light Vehicle

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customizer1000 said:
Dang was it lowered before??? Those leafs were shot!
No it was not. The bump stop was 1 inch from drive axle tube! Yes it sucked to drive!
A little something to rile the neighbors ....

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive tail & brake light Tread

Seen it, had to get it... ;)
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bluebadger said:
on topic. Didn't do anything! Didn't even get to think about my roof rack and rear bumper project. ;( got a call from the county water department. Said they had a small leak, so i had to go dig it up and fix it. Said it was a hour long job but when i pulled up on site, ( much to my dismay!) i found it was a 16" main!!! So it was a 10 hour job on a saturday! They are not going to like getting my bill!! Bahaha can you say jeep funds? Lol
j ust
e mpty
e very
p ocket

Installed Tom Woods drive shafts at both ends.... Smooth as silk ;)
Washed, changed oil, greased all the joints, vacuumed....... Gave puppy a ride. Drove to DQ for a malt.
new wires

Installed all New Battery cables from Battery to starter.. New Battery Post ends on cables, and Washed the engine after last week's replacement of Valve cover Gasket. Upgraded from 8 gauge to 6 gauge wire and swedged Copper eye ends on wire and shrink wrapped the exposed areas. Treated with spray lacquer to seal out corrosion. My Starter Loved the good Voltage.. and My Crank time dropped to a few seconds from 10-15.. Finicky Jeeps Love Good Clean Voltage. :2thumbsup:
Greased the woody's and installed a cruise control cable.
Port matched intake manifold, sent it to ceramic coated Aluminum. Should be back in a couple days. ;)
MattBillyTayloe said:
Thanks man will do, I was looking at them and was wondering has anyone ever replaces the bolts on the bottom with bolts with pins to go in them? Or is that a stupid idea..
There called JKS quick disconnects..
This weeks Mod

NEW Borla Cat Back exhaust, and Magnaflow Rear Cat... Purrs Like a Kitten.. Noticeable improvement in sound and performance... OL rear cat was starting to get broken up inside.
00XJMikey said:
Changed the oil (6.25 quarts) and add a fram p8a filter. Love how smooth the engine ides, runs and revs now. :D
They love a fresh batch of earl! That is for sure
MattBillyTayloe said:
Hood vents sound easiest. Might help if I replace the electric fan that is out. :shhh:
Heat is caused by friction, the lack of coolant flow, bad sensors not sending correct signals and relays not turning fans on... . Cutting big holes in the hood and putting vents in is like refusing to go to the doctor for the gun shot wound, and instead you use duct tape to slow down the bleeding to death...

Just saying
DezertTJ said:
Try the felpro molded rubber gasket, it was very easy and with simple mechanical skills, its almost fail proof
This is an Awsome gasket... Not a drip after using this gasket
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