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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Bought back my old 98 XJ, paid $500 for it so far I've found it needs rockers, drivers floor, muffler, tail pipe, tailgate handle, new leafs, at least 1 O2 sensor and a clockspring. Even still for a around 1k when all is done it'll be a good winter DD for me.
Cursed a blue streak at the NSS, I hope whoever designed that gets hit by a bus.
Repaired the clockspring and redid the connections to the door speakers. The list is getting whittled down, still need to do the leafs, rockers and oil filter adapter o rings then it'll be ready for a new inspection.
The timer for the defroster is in the cluster.
Also, i've learned that apparently even 98's had a heated side mirror option.
Not sure about the package but my 98 Classic has heated mirrors.
Is there a visual difference in the heated mirrors, small icon etched in or anything?

I'm gonna start looking for a set
Small defrost icon in the lower right corner.
Put some new springs on the rear and a new tie rod end. Only thing left for a new inspection is rust repair.

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That was the plan, these have already been repaired once not by me.
Pulled my little brothers Taco out of the muck. He had a load of mulch and I directed him down there forgetting he's got street tires and it poured rain all weekend.

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Here's the other side, different tires and he would have made it out easily enough. It was a combination of mud/clay and the fact its uphill on the drivers side.

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Sold the hardtop for my TJ, now I've got funds to buy steel to repair the rust on the XJ.
Really unhappy with my floor pan progress. In addition to not being any good at welding I think that I am not getting enough shielding gas at the tip.
My welds look like spatter. All I can get are spots, no beads. I may go buy some fuzor and glue it all in
Dirty metal, line speed and welder polarity can all cause that.
McMaster Carr, Grainger, Tractor Supply or a local place that'll sell by the pound.
Well, It's lighter helping efficiency and stability. And it was kind of revolutionary at the time.
'72 VW Ghia was unibody....[/QUOTE]

Pretty sure he was referring to it being the first (or one of the first) unibody 4x4's.
Took the cut off wheel to it to remove most of the rust. Isn't pretty but the rust holes are gone.

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Did you just cut the rear section of the quarter panel clear off? Or did you fold it? I specifically folded mine when I did them just so I could close the gap and keep the insides clean.
There was nothing left to fold it was completely rotted away, I cut out everything and bent some sheet metal to close it off.
Think I figured out why the drivers seat was loose.

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Got my build sheet from Chrysler. I now have a question. Can someone explain the part circled in blue. I did not know that XJ had factory remote start.
They recycle some of the option codes from what I hear, so sometimes you'll get some weird things.
I just looked under the carpet a little bit and saw a lot of surface rust and I hope that is all that it is...
I thought mine was mostly surface rust too.

Think I figured out why the drivers seat was loose.

apreciate it. i will have to do some more research.
im definitely not going to be able to get the current top of the line phone, so im going to have to look at top of the line phones from a year or two ago.
If that's the case check out the Google Nexus 6, pure Android no crap from the carriers.
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