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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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david92xj said:
Replaced the lower rad hose
I should do mine too... Lol
I just bought my xj a mate for $100.... Blown engine but Dana 60 front and rear w/4:11 gears 8" lift... 33s and rims... Can't complain. Too much... Time to swap some stuff over! Woot woot!
Oh the possibility is alive... :)
ninjakid said:
Filled the Cherokee up all the way.
It showed 1/8th of a tank left, only took 12 gallons.
The tank is 20 gallon so that means it isn't the most accurate, not really surprising.
And then I saw a zj go by with flashy 20" chrome rims and tiny ultrathin tires.
/burns eyes out.
Wish the light was red at the time so I could've gotten a picture.
Lol... I just "filled" mine up too.... Empty, below the line and it only took 12 gallons... I don't get it... Maybe I should stop basing my fuel mileage on a 20 gal tank.... Lmao
Rod bearings... Just did a patch job... Crank needs to be replaced because it is worn... But, I am just gonna get what I can outta this engine... Then possible swap for something else?!?
chriskeenan said:
Maybe so... Maybe so...
Superfuman said:
Go stroker!! There's less to worry about. Swapping the v8 in "right", means a lot of drivetrain work, reinforcing the unibody, etc.... Plus, i6 motors are just cool. :D
It seems expensive even to do a v6 conversion... I wanted too... But I did get 248700 miles on my i6 so far...
Trying to figure out why this death wobble feels like it is coming back....
Pre5tig3 said:
Rotated tires
Installed IRO track bar
Painted HD IRO tie rod
Packed all my wheeling gear for the weekend!
Pics of that?
nateyz2000 said:
Trying to figure out why this death wobble feels like it is coming back....
I hate to quote myself, but I found a loose bolt on track bar... Thanks les shwab... Appreciate the horrible job on both my jeeps... I had to bring it back 2 times... Both of them! Customer service can suck pretty bad these days....
cherokeekid58 said:
Pulled the pan last night and found 7 bits of #4 piston laying in the oil pan. Now I know where my knock was coming from.
That's always fun...
Flexed my suspension for the first time... Not impressed with stiffness of rear spring pack... Didn't stuff much at all....

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XJ-JekL said:
Nateyz2000, have you considered leaf liner? I've never used it but I heard it works well. My leafs are a straight line, so I can stuff pretty easy lol.
I have never heard of it... Lol guess I need to research... Or... I can just take the leafs and springs off the other xj I am picking up today... Hmm....
I bought another xj! It had parts I want...lots of them...

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mj40 said:
spent the afternoon reading up on wj knuckles...have the axle by next weekend.
then got planning...need hub spacers and maybe some tie rod flip inserts...
traced an old knuckle and marked the holes on some 1/4 steel.....take it to work and get them cutout..
and ordered a set of inserts..
There is a place called that has flip kits for tre...
kyjeeper4life said:
got my new xj!!
Very nice
PhilipJ said:
Cut/folded, got AJ's Tanker mounted...just having a little trouble getting the hinge pin in for the tire carrier.
Really like the bumper
VegasGT said:
Got my jeepforum sticker. contemplating on where to put it...
Let me know where it ends up... I need to place mine as well.... Lol
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