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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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i washed and washed and washed, then cleaned the engine bay. and dreamed of the possibilities
i performed an oil change with mobil1 synthetic 10w-30 at the 307541 mile mark :) good for another 5k miles!
i buffed and waxed her, cleaned the throttle body. used a heat gun on the flares for the first time. rubbed back to black on them after just cause. next time im painting them though. dont want to keep heating them up.


after :2thumbsup:

got it all sexy like again and felt accomplished. then heard its supposed to rain today :/ and i live on a dirt road...*sigh* time to have fun i guess

seafoaming will take place around 3:30p.m. today
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Love those Icon wheels man. I'm definitely keeping mine when I lift it.

Today I passed 101K miles. :2thumbsup:
thank you much. they look good in pix but up close they have their flaws. other than where my sister curb checked and chewed up one rim its nothing a paint job wont fix. few chips. i want to get another to replace the spare rim. and maybe a few more or another set as backups. put on different tires for different weather.

good job on the 101k. mines going to pass 308k here in the next few days :)
Drove to school. Saw a nice lifted xj, than at closer examination discovered 4" lift blocks! So gay, it had RC shock on it at least lol
theres just some things you shouldnt do :/ :thumbdown:
seafoamed it. idles alot smoother and a tad more throttle responsive.
did you bleed the ps system?
its not so much to the XJ but its FOR the XJ. i renamed the good ole savings account from The Si Fund (purchase of a 99 Civic Si will be put on hold a few more years) to The XJ Fund. i figure, parts and buying another XJ for a trail rig is more important and will get me more places than a honda that will go fastish.
lol i was going to use the honda as a DD but i figure, im going to be a park ranger....that would just be a stupid decision lol
the inevitable cycle of cleaning it continues...sisters friends drew on the windows with those window markers..... *sigh* effin kids....
stuff bakes on in the arizona sun and you have to scrape it off with a razor.
also put in some random items for just in case moments.
also decided im getting the underside line-x'ed and the interior too but the interior at a later time.
decided tomorrow morning im goin to attempt to fix my exhaust leak, cleaning up the wiring my dad did to the kc lights, and greasing up the slip yolk at the rear end. i believe thats what i need to do at least. or i think thats what its called. when i brake to hard and let of the brakes then start rolling again it clunks bad so pretty sure it needs to be greased
tip duly noted and added to the offroad advice portion of my brain
washed it, noticed water spot hell. washing it tomorrow again.
dreaming about a trail rig some day
thinking about investing in a bottle of zmax
watched the rain pour on it while thinking about hopping in it and just leaving...if only it were that easy
today i... installed a new u-joint, removed my mistake that was a 2 inch block on the axle in favor of a longer shackle, painted my diff covers gold, painted my driveshaft gold, and once i can get them off paint my lca's gold :)
pix???? i wanna see the gold!
i cant decide what color i want the diff housings/axles and pretty much the underside and suspension components. i kinda want the shocks to be yellow and just everything else black. yellow calipers. or if i wanna go crazy and do like hot pink! if i do hot pink thats an intricate issue. engine block, suspension/steering axles, calipers tranny and TC... :) black on pink is sexy.
decided i want a super 44. and picked a day to do a much needed tune up. change oil in the diffs. put anti seize on the slip yoke, new ATF...hmm what else could i do....plugs dist cap and rotor and wires are new...good on oil till 312k miles...oh drop fuel tank and clean it out cause its much needed!

anyone know where i can get the little catch bag filter deal its self. i dont want to do the actual fuel filter since im broke at the moment. i want to at least try and get that replaced.
decided i want an MJ in the next few years. washed her. told her im sorry i cant take her camping this weekend :'(
decided im going to lift the DD till i can get a trail rig and transfer the parts.
3.5" OME lift here i come
now to figure out the funding....$2.56 in the XJ fund :)
thats awesome. ive wanted to do that with the radio but id want to run ducting so the rear passangers have a/c. maybe out of the center console where the rear ash tray is. cut out all that and put in a vent
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