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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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of course lol. she called me freaking out. "DID YOU MOVE IT!?!?! i think some one stole it! what do i do?!? should i call dad? do i call the cops?!?"
Thats so wrong and so awesome! How long did u let her sweat it out?
looking for a winter vehicle...hopefully a jeep...looking at alot of xj's and zj's ...something i can get for cheap and fix and run for the many blown head gaskets and trannys out there on craiglist
Thats not your jeep in your avi?
Bent a trac bar wheeling, $100 bucks for that trip.....

i got out easy though, guy i was wheeling with broke his driverside long arm in half.
Damn he must have been giving that thing hell.
I replaced my rear hatch struts and passenger window reg. Also picked up some S10 leaf springs. gotta try and find some front springs and break lines tomorrow.
gave the keys to my GF so she could drive it in the pouring rain... i was stuck in her moms Impreza
How is a lifted jeep with of road tires better in the rain? I mean unless you have flash floodin she should be fine
I swapped in some Neon 784? fuel injectors yesterday. Jeep feels much more responsive so far and I notice it not shifting down a gear so frequently when i ask for a lil power. Fuel milage seems better too. Gonna fill up tomorrow and really find out.
i guess noise pollution or something like that. i had an impact going but it was like at 3 in the afternoon on my only day off. im gonna fight that ticket.
I know in NY there some law to keep people from usin their driveway as a shop, but from what I heard the law says you cant work on a vehicle in your own driveway. Luckily my neighbors are cool and love me cuz I do thing in the street every now and then if its simple. Some people are just pricks!
hmm ill keep that in mind thanks man. but she has a gold buick park avenue with a vanity plate that read "PHILIS" so im sure they will find her
Sad as it is to say sometimes its better to just hit the idiot cutting you off. I remember a thread on the Mustang boards Im on some kid swerved and went over a curb and into a telephone pole. He totaled his car and that women drove off! Cops said shes not here so your outa luck. The blame wasnt totally on him but it didnt end well. had he hit the women it would have been all her fault. Just sayin.
You look like your being tortured with that outfit on haha!
Changed my water pump and noticed a leak from the radiator, that doesnt wanna come out.
3.25 or so round here on Long Island and my other ride is a supercharge Mustang. Gotta pay to play my friends!
Just won some JK Rubicon shocks on ebay! $80 to the door.
Raven whats that contraption in the first two pics?
Changed out my leaky Radiator. Couldnt get the lower oil cooler line back on so I just cut the end and used a hose clamp! I was gonna miss playin in the blizzard were gettin here.
Just got some replacement struts for the rear hatch so maybe I won't knock myself out everytime I go to load/unload something. Hoping to beat the snow and get them installed this weekend.
Get a buddy to come by and go at it snow or not. Takes less than 30 min to do. You could do it by yourself but its tough to keep that hatch open and replace the strut.
Finally got my Xmas Present. Got the Hucky cargo liner too, but didnt get pics, it needs to flatten out.

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Took me 10 minutes by myself. I used a stand up ladder to hold the hatch open when replacing the struts. Once you have one on, the other side is easier. Makes such a difference especially during the winter.
Damn a ladder would have work much better than my haed, oh well. And be careful, Im still waiting for the hatch to catch me in the chin, it literally springs up now, gotta make sure the hatch is closed too!
Got my bastard pack installed. Gotta order front springs to complete the setup. I installed the pack with the lift shackles and ended up having 4.5" of lift and the vibrations driving home were horrible!! I changed to the stock shackled I picked up and brought it down to 3.5" and it drives great! I couldnt get my struts in cuz on of the bolts broke and wont come out. Gonna try and find someone to weld in some bar pin eliminators for me this week. Here are a few pics with the 4.5" lift in the back, didnt get to take any pics with the stock shackles.

and I got it stuck trying out the new lift! Stupid D30 with and open diff. Looks like an axle swap is in my future.
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went over it and made sure its ready for a day trip to Tucson, AZ
unfortunately not for wheeling :( its a baby shower lol...
Thats just sad!
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