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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Cut the holes in my bumper ends for driving lamps and fabbed some brackets. Installed the lamps.
Wiring tomorrow. Picked up 5 Canyons with tires for $250. Bought some plastic paint for all the black stuff

Going to get a tool kit together to go grab some doors at the JY on Saturday if my kid will fall asleep in the next 45 minutes.
Today, i was making a left at a light and after i complete the turn, and hit about 40 to 45 i got this nasty vibration, and it didnt go away until i slowed down until about 30. So i went home and tightned the bolts on the hack and tap a little bit, then i checked all the cv shaft u jointsn ( they are all new and were installed less than 2000 miles ago). I never ever had ANY vibes before, i've never expirienced driveline vibes before, but im assuming thats it. It could also be coming from the front end....but to tell you the truth i'm not even sure where its coming from, the entire jeep vibrates like crazy! any ideas? please help lol:cheers2:
Just for grins check your lugnuts
I had a wheel come loose this summer, very similar situation
I would LOVE to see those holes and brackets, you should even give us measurements lol! I need some driving lights in the bumper myself.
these are in the stock rectangular location. I just trimmed the OE area out and bought a cheap set of clear fogs

When my cam is recharged and I finish up some stuff I'll take a few pics
that'd be great, brackets especially because I have a cheapo set of fogs I bought for down there but no good mounting ideas
You're NOT gonna be impressed.
The kit came with brackets and I just used some strap to mount them further back in the opening
I need 8 cylinders.

Thank God I have more cars
While pulling it apart to wire for subs, I noticed a black box zip tied and a splice connection on a pink +12v wire... and then saw an antenna heading out of it. Naturally, I found the FCC ID and searched it. Turns out previous owner installed lojack. Sweeet the Jeep is lojack ready!
or THEY are tracking you
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painted wheels gunmetal!

what do you think?
got my Canyons/31s on, POR15'd my door bottoms and on my wife's 01. Painted POR15 on her receiver hitch too. Also did my brake drums. Locktighted in the loose driver's door latch screws

Put a 235 spare inside, tried to find the %$#%^@ squeal under my hood, test drive and pics!
what? im not familiar with 4chan talk.:confused:
superior to weaksauce

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so is that a compliment?
YES!! the truck looks killer and I considered bronze on a set of the Craigars

Our local forum has a lot of imports on it.
Really nice 11 sec cars. I love the color on Subies, etc. Why not a 4x4?
Unique and great against the paint.
Looked for a vac leak, found out I probably have a cracked head

YouTube - 2000 jeep cherokee sport whistle noise from Motor i think

Bought my wife's a 660 amp battery.
If its the head you'll notice things like lost coolant, low idle, low oil pressure, rough running, steam out of the tailpipe.... etc.
I have a feeling it may be smaller than that guy's "6 inch crack"

I have noted no coolant loss, idle is at about 700rpms, steady, a little rocker clatter, I get moisture dripping from the pipe but no smell, it runs good and has power.

That said the squeeeeeeee sounds just like that guys and it is EXACTLY the same. Also I failed to mention, I am the guy ALL the bad **** happens to.

Tomorrow Ill pop the oil cap and look for a crack, if none I will pull the valve cover and maybe yank the intake to check that gasket.
The noise is impossible to pinpoint its location. It sounds like the dead center of the engine but if you pull the cap its no louder. It is louder than my radio will go. Its REALLY loud. Like a smoke detector under the hood.

I am on like 7 forums. This one kicks ***
visual thru the cap tomorrow, leakdown test on Saturday, stinkin drunk Sunday
taking off the valve cover will reveal all.

FOund out something else:
When searching use "whistle" VS "Squeal" or "Screech"

I thought I was teh 1st Jeep owner to have this issue
After all my reading it seems it COULD be the manifold gasket

I was looking forward to finishing up my fog lamp install, guess I get to wrench on the head tomorrow
At that point I decided it was better to be smart and call the cops.
screw that, good work hero.
I'd buy you a beer if you were telling me that story in person.

Next time insert "guys face" where it says rock.
Just got my HiLites mounted, wired, and aligned. Wired with the stock switch so its very clean!
Nice, did that setup come with the covers? How much?
Thanks to AFBond03 I bought some new lights, and killed my brain splitting whistle under my hood. Intake gasket leak.

Also found out a local lady is selling her 99 white XJ. Black interior 3.5" lift, no rust for what I blew on my truck.

Oh well

She may trade though, hers is too high for her
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big day at the Junkyard

Scored a left fender and a hood that were cleaner than mine for $80. Grabbed a cluster bezel that I plan on modding as an experiment. Great score on a clockspring+airbag for my wife's XJ. Also got headrests from a Grand Cherokee to mod my backseat. Got to get bizzay...
What Junkyard do you go to? I'm in BG and havn't really looked for one.
The new one CherryPicked on detroit ave is pretty sweet

The issue is the rotate stock monthly. If you find a car it will be gone within in 30 days. Cash only.Its based on the pick n pull model out west, clean, cars on stands, lots of room around them, cranes and wheelbarrows you can use etc. Sunday hours as well

Beyond that I like KRAP. King road auto parts. I forget what road that is on.

There are 5 xjs there now in various states
North or South Detroit? The GF's parents live off of South Detroit.
North Det

Just north of Omnisource. Its a buck just to get in FYI.
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